WiFi Blackspot

Hi guys

Just looking for some advice

This is not particularly a Linux issue although it involves a Linux PC. a while back I built a desktop PC (PM4) for my Grand-Daughter for her room at home

the PC works fine but the problem is for some reason the WiFi signal in that room is awful, The router is in the living room and the PC is upstairs (probably no more than 10 meters away)

Is there anything I can do to improve the signal in that room, I’ve looked online for a solution and it looks like homeplugs would be the answer but they’re quite expensive, other tutorials talk about using another router to act as a repeater but the more I read the more confused I get.

I saw a tutorial that shows using a drinks can to act as a signal booster but so far I’m taking that with a pinch of salt

Would changing the channel settings in the router likely have any effect ?

Does anyone have any advice on the best way to go about sorting out this problem ?

I would suggest that the powerline adapter is the way to go.
You could go for the non wireless option (cheaper) like this going for £25 quid. You could spend more than that by trying other solutions. :slight_smile:

I would suggest that the powerline adapter is the way to go.

Yeah I’ve been reading up some more and it looks like it’s the only solution

Can I ask exactly what you mean by “non wireless”

Many thanks


Can I ask exactly what you mean by "non wireless"

You connect it up with ethernet cable on both ends (router to plug and plug to PC) :wink:

Changing the channel might have an effect, but most of the time it doesn’t.

Oddly enough, the tin can idea can work … it makes the routers antenna directional … but generally that would work best at the PC end, and if placed at the router end could well affect reception in other parts of the house.

If you need wireless upstairs, something like this would be your best bet:
or same thing from ebuyer:

If wireless isn’t needed for her PC (ie. the PC is a desktop and doesn’t get moved), then sommat like these will do:

A pure wireless repeater, whether made from an old router (not possible with most) or a proprietary model may suffer the same issue … if it’s say the ceiling that’s blocking the signal.

Wireless wouldn’t be essential in fact the more I think of it non wireless would probably be better as she has no wireless devices she only has a printer which is USB and even if it was was wireless it could still be connected by USB so I see no problem there.

It’s really very strange because if you wander about upstairs say with a smartphone and watch the signal strength the second you walk into that room the signal just drops out immediately, everywhere else upstairs is fine

So my thinking was if I could turn an old router into a repeater I could place it anywhere upstairs outside that room and that might solve the problem but then I’m just adding another point of failure also if I understand right a repeater would absorb half the bandwidth of the original signal but I may be wrong about that either way I think as SeZo says power plugs is the way to go

Many thanks


Problem is, most routers can’t be used as simple wireless repeaters.

What make/model(s) of old router do you have ? … not including the one you’re currently using.


If it were me, I’d still get the homeplugs with wireless … the one with the wireless ALSO has a wired port.

But just in case you ever need to add wireless devices at a later date … at £15 extra, I’d go for the extra functionality, but that’s just me :wink: