WiFi in laptops

I am thinking of buying a new laptop shortly and wonder if there is anything that I should particularly watch for. I seem to recall that some wireless cards and graphics are problematic.

Currently I have an Asus X51L laptop which worked a treat every time that I have installed a new Ubuntu OS. As I particularly wish to listen to audio books via an iPod I will have to have access to windows whether I like it or not.

I am thinking in the long term so despite being a miserable Scot (ingerlish properganda !! ) am open to suggestions. My needs are reasonably simple as I wish to listen to music, view streaming TV and work with photos and Youporn (sorry Tube) . Storage needs are not too great as I already backup to external HD and need only keep photos that I am working with.

Are there any traps that I should avoid or are things now relatively safe these days just to take something off the shelf? Should I go and get the Intel i3 or i5 processors or what?

Your assistance will be appreciated

How about one of these:

I’ve put Ubuntu on a few G62’s and so far the only thing I’ve needed to do was update the wireless drivers for WPA support.

Instruction here:

If you google Ubuntu HP G62-452SA … you’ll see what I mean.

There is also this ASUS -

Googling Ubuntu Asus X52F seems to suggest there are initial problems with suspend, and sound/mic, but they appear to be fixable.

Many thanks Mark for your reply.

You have more or less confirmed what I suspected that it is reasonable to expect things to work well with Linux. I will give the HP a close look and see which way I will jump. Was tending to favour Asus as it is the manufacturer I am currently using.

You have given me comfort and will speed up the process.

Again thanks

Yup, there’s very little these days that won’t (or can’t be made to) work in Linux :slight_smile:

Like I said, the minor issues with the ASUS X52F appears to be sortable, and that’s quite cheap with £99 off ATM :slight_smile:

Although the HP is slightly quicker, and has more RAM… though the flat touchpad takes a little getting used to at first.

Normally I’d totally agree with you and go for ASUS… they always seem to use quality components, but I’ve seen a few of these G62’s, and they seem well built as well… so I’d find it hard to choose between them.