Wifi Not Recognised After Suspend


My wife’s laptop, which has Ubuntu on, has been working fine, albeit slowly. Due to it’s slow speed, I suggested putting it in suspend mode, rather than turning it off, (just periodically rebooting). This has worked. I have just installed a new router and, as I did with the first one, had trouble getting the wifi to connect. I have now got that working. However, what I have now found is that after putting the laptop in suspend mode, when turning on, the wifi does not see the router and therefore no wifi is available. The only solution I have found is to reboot the machine.

Does anyone know why this is happening with the new router but not the old one, and if there is any way of fixing it. (Rebooting would not be a problem if it didn’t take around 5minutes or so to boot up. For her to get into her e-mails/facebook etc. takes around 10 minutes.)

Ububntu 16.04 (the laptop is an older one).