will my online game still worf i change from my win 7 o.s?

hi im a bit worried about my game play changing or even more not workin at all iv already found that the gam i play does not work on windows 7! so had to down grade back to win xp! now i get offered security downloads that just dont exsist!
m$ are loosing it! would be gratefull if sumome could answer me



Do you mean will it work on a Linux operating system? What game are you referring to?
Let us know a bit more so we can help. :slight_smile:

The game you mention in your PM was Conquer Online…

I’m afraid not… Conquer Online don’t do a Linux native client (yet)… It is possible to play some Windows games in Linux using WINE, but WineHQ lists Conquer Online 2.0, as Bronze, so there are still issues with it in WINE.
(Bronze = some things work, others don’t)

Searching online I can find nobody who has got it to run “properly” in WINE.

Though this MAY help:

If Windows games are important to you, I’d suggest a dual-boot setup, ie. you decide which OS you want to boot at system startup.

There are other ways of running windows software in Linux, such as in a virtual machine, but though it is 100% compatible (it is actually running in windows, inside Linux) it is liable to be slower, and not really for games.

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