WINDOGE 10 - I'm building a custom doge themed Linux distro!,5xjhb0M#0,5xjhb0M#1
Im building a doge gtk theme, shell theme and soon an icon theme. It will come on a live cd with much application like the dogecoin wallet and all dose essentials. I will also make a xbmc skin. It will all be based on Arch Linux because it’s much customize and me like. There can also be a doge repo with many software. The GTK theme is based on Numix, and the shell theme is based on the Ozon theme. If anybody is interested i will put it on GitHub for peeps to contribute. Please come up with doge-ish names for programs and make icons. Contact me directly at [email protected] Icons need to be 192x192 PNG’s. please help and GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY. Suggestions are very welcome. If you want we could make a disto that looks like windows. I mean WINDOGE
GTK theme download: To install theme, on most distros run “chmod 777 /usr/share/themes” and then extract the zip file to the directory.
Gnome Shell Download: To install theme, download the tweak tool if you don’t already have it, enable user shell themes and upload it through there.
Vote for the base distribution for Windoge: Which Linux distribution should be the base of Windoge - Poll Voting ends 5th of August

This ia a joke right ??