Windows 10 Automatic Update Nightmare

I have just bought a Dell Inspiron - it came with Windows 10 Home. However the automatic updates are causing real problems - huh, as they are for millions of users. So I want to install Linux Ubuntu in dual boot mode. My premise is that if I’m booted into Linux will this circumvent the automatic downloading and installation of Win 10 updates? I want control of MY laptop like I had with Win 7. Thank you.

Yes, Windows cannot update whilst you’re booted into Linux … but as soon as you boot into Windows it will start downloading them, and in this case it can sometimes “seem” worse because a lot of updates may have stacked up :wink:

I have a dual boot but rarely boot into Windows … whenever I do I immediately come up against a backlog of updates, and Windows has a habit of not letting you reboot (back to Linux) without installing them first, so it can be quite some considerable time before I can get back to Linux, and this always happens when you’re in a hurry >:(

I too have a Dell Inspiron.

One thing I would like to add is that Windows 10 does lock the drive into a state which cannot be read from Linux.

To unlock the NTFS Windows partition you must hold the shift key down when exiting Windows.

(having used Linux for years now I find Windows TOO frustrating and have abandoned it completely)

Mark, Chris,

Why not use Ubuntu and boot into Windows when you’re not in a hurry?
Then just go to bed for a couple of days while Windows updates…

Problem is whenever I end up booting Windows these days I just want to get in and out quickly, so I’m always in a hurry.

An interesting take on Windows 10, from Scott Mueller, no less…