Windows 10 upgrade and grub

I’m currently running win 7 alongside Peppermint but was wondering if upgrading to win 10 will cause problems with booting up and grub.

Probably. Even if it does not overwrite the boot loader at the initial upgrade, it could do that anytime when automatically (forcefully) updates.
Win 7 has long to go before it reaches EOL. Also there is (as far as I understand) no compelling reason to upgrade to WinX, unless you like to be subjected to endless (big brother MS) spying on your every move.
The free upgrade should be trated as a honeypot, once MS has most users trapped, then they can do whatewer they like to their system, and the users will have no saying in the matter, afterall they have agreed to MS WinX as a service EULA.

Don’t really want to upgrade but just thought seeing as its free.
Don’t really care about spying as I only use it to run work related software that has to be run on windows.

Do you have UEFI on this machine? If so, it could cause a lot of problems, but if you’re still on legacy BIOS boot, it’s trivial to recreate GRUB via a liveCD if/when it happens each time (bit of a pain, but if you have to run Windows 10 and a VM won’t cut it, you’re options are out)

There’s a respin of Peppermint 6 (64bit) that supports UEFI and Secureboot undergoing testing now.

Both of those technologies can go die in a fire.

Moving on…

UEFI isn’t a problem, but I’m with you on secureboot :wink:

Compared with the simplicity of BIOS & GRUB, especially on a dual-boot system, UEFI is the devil. Considering it’s new technology designed for this age, it’s such a hacky botch-job.

Sorry guys, missed these replies.
No uefi I’m all good there.
Something interesting. My windross is 64 bit but can’t get 64 bit peppermint or any other flavor to install.
No errors just stalls. Left it for hours and came back to a total lack of progress.
32 bit works just fine though.

When does the 64bit install hang ? … does the Live session boot ?


And most importantly - do you want to try sort the 64bit install, or are you happy with the 32bit version ?

Live session boots and runs without a problem via USB.
I honestly can’t remember when it hangs but if it will help development or trouble shooting I can try again and pay more attention.
As for me, the 32 bit is fine. I can see no advantage to a 64 bit system for what use it gets from me.
Just thought I’d mention it in case it was off any help.

Had this on another system when I tried to install zorin 64 bit.

Thanks, but I’m not going to worry about it if you’re not … we haven’t had any other reports of the 64bit version causing problems (besides UEFI support which we’re about to fix), but I’ll keep my eyes open.

Thanks again :slight_smile: