Windows 8

My question would be just how have they acquired that data?
Did the users volunteer to share their desktop usage habits or they were tricked to do so?

Every Windows OS since XP connects to Microsoft when it’s online. It reports back what you do, where you go and what you install. I thought this was common knowledge.
They all almost certainly have NSA backdoors in them too. XP definitely does.

There’s a backdoor to a No Smoking Area in XP ? … and here’s me thinking they just left the Windows open :wink:


WTF are the Night Stalker Association and/or the Norwegian Shipowners Association doing in my computer ?

Ya gotta love acronyms:


The National Security Agency

Yeh, I know … but every time someone uses an acronym I can’t resist seeing what else is listed for it on acronymfinder … there’s usually a gem in there somewhere :slight_smile:

And as usual there IS a gem … see if you can find it:

Let me give you a clue … you don’t need the steady hand of a surgeon for this.

Eek. The National Sunflower Association has backdoors in Windows!

We are undone.

I’m kinda scared to mention the National Slag Association and backdoors in the same sentence :o

Anyone know someone that’s bought a Win8 PC yet ?


Initially M$ ordered 4M “surface” devices from their far east manufacturers, but apparently sales have been so slow they scaled the order back to 2M … so they’ve gotta be new machines, and on new machines punters don’t get a choice of OS, its “what comes with it”. Be interesting to see how many of those machines are still running W8 in three months time.

I seem to recall with previous versions of Windows punters have taken legal action (a) to get their OS money back and (b) to get free copies of older versions of Windows … :slight_smile:

Yup I’m waiting to see if I get any downgrade calls … though the only people I know that have bought new PC’s lately bought Win7 boxes…

Hmm… I know of one person whom bought a laptop with Win7 instead of Win8 in the last few days :smiley:
Judging by the reports like this [WARNING Ballmar picture], others might have done the same.

ROFL ;D … glad to see you remembered my request for a warning … that cracked me up :slight_smile:

Some interesting (if not totally surprising) figures in that article.

I’ve read this thread with some interest, and what strikes me is how Linux advocates are so quick to rubbish windows 8 and the surface tablet, when Linux doesn’t offer an alternative

I wanted to buy my wife a tablet for her Christmas because she’s so impressed with my daughters Ipad, I searched everywhere yet I couldn’t find a tablet running ubuntu. webos or any other Linux distribution (unless you consider Android a Linux distribution), what better time could there have been for Linux to introduce a tablet than Christmas 2012, but once again Linux is last out the stalls.

Believe me I am no advocate of Microsoft and this windows 8 surface tablet may well be rubbish but at least it’s there for people to buy and people will buy it just like they they would buy a tablet running Ubuntu if it was available and marketed properly, so don’t be surprised if 2013 doesn’t turn out to be the year of the Linux tablet,and don’t be surprised if 2014 is too late.

You’ve got to be in it to win it


I’m not rubbishing the Surface tablet … more Win8

And I couldn’t agree more, if manufacturers would only use Linux on a tablet … now is the time, but will likely be another missed opportunity :frowning:

Personally I’m still hoping Ubuntu get the Ubuntu for Android thing off the ground … before someone else steals the thunder.
(but they still need to get the phone manufacturers and telco’s onboard)

OK. what does Win8 on tablet offer more than iOS or Android for that matter? ???
How about an alternative which is easy on the pocket? or this one?.

Mmm, I’ll bite. From what I’ve seen Of windows 8 and read in terms of reviews, Linux people don’t need to waste their time rubbishing it as it’s already dead … suicide I understand.

As for the hardware, M$ initially ordered 4M units, but now can’t sell them so have scaled back their order to 2M … have you any idea how many hundred million iPads they’ve sold so far? The hardware spec is rubbish when compared to a Nexus 10, and as for the price !!!

Now, this may be a little subjective, but to my mind Android devices run a Linux kernel plus lots of software that is available under an open source licence … which makes Android a Linux distribution.

I’m thinking (and hoping) after seeing the makers of the raspberry pi mark II claim that their device will run Android, that we’ll see Android for x86_64 way before we see Ubuntu for tablets … :o

– edit:

And before you say “but its got a keyboard” , you can get a funky Bluetooth keyboard (and tablet stand) for your non-surface device from PC world for 30 quid!!!

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what strikes me is how Linux advocates are so quick to rubbish windows 8 and the surface tablet, when Linux doesn’t offer an alternative

It’s possible that you don’t appreciate the power that Microsoft wields in the market. It’s not a case of merely providing a tablet that runs Ubuntu and selling it. Such a move would instantly attract Microsoft’s legal team who would begin to sue and sue and sue - not because they are wronged, but because they are Microsoft and what they say goes. This is why no major hardware maker (except perhaps Dell and their offferings were well buried on their website) have tried to offer Linux machines to the market. Microsoft know that if word gets that there’s a free alternative to Windows, that doesn’t need anti-virus and that is a lot more stable, that they’ll lose customers in large numbers. So, they manage perception by paying for bogus studies, rigging Standards Committees and whining to the US Government and Courts, who usually act on their behalf.

To use Linux is not just to be in the minority, but it is to be lied about by certain large IT Corporations who are all threatened by the presence of Linux and the ethos upon which it operates and those large Corporations do not fight cleanly or honestly.

PC vendors get to buy OEM windows at some stupid price like $15 a copy … but I’m under the impression that this is only available to vendors who do not pre-load Linux … whether this was a one time alleged thread or still ongoing, it at least gives an insight into M$s perceived tac-tics. Losing access to a deal like this could be a major blow for a PC maker.

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I’m not well enough versed in the politics of software licencing etc to form a valid opinion on Microsofts business practices or their operating systems in general, I was only looking at this from a standpoint of someone who wanted to buy a tablet pc preinstalled with Linux and couldn’t because there isn’t one available (at least not one I could find), and it seems to me that personal computing is changing direction towards the tablet model and Linux isn’t at the races, and if they don’t get out the stalls soon another golden opportunity will be missed to break into the mainstream


Ooookkay … so which part of “Android is a Linux distribution” isn’t doing it for you ??

More to the point

Ooookkay … so which part of “Android is a Linux distribution” isn’t doing it for you ??

I suppose you’re right but somehow I’ve never viewed Android as a Linux Distribution in the same way as I view Ubuntu for example (which is probably wrong)

The ubuntu developers developed the Unity interface with tablets in mind, but where are all these tablets, that is what I was referring to, Ive seen video of Ubuntu running on a tablet and the interface is exactly the same as the desktop version, likewise Windows 8 surface tablet has more or less the same UI as the desktop version from what I can see, But I’ve never seen Android running on a desktop so maybe there is where my confusion lies

But you’re right Android is Linux

As it turned out I bought a 10" Android tablet so I feel better knowing it’s more Linux than I thought it was