windows messenger on pepperment?

Just wondered if it was possible to get live messenger to work on pepperment, it worked to a fashion on the old linux pre installed version that came with my acer aspire one a few years a go. i use the eBuddy im client but cant see how you use the cam like in windows live. Sorry if this has been covered before, i did run a search but nothing came up.

As far as I’m aware, there is NO “messenger” type application in Linux that is compatible with Windows Messenger and webcams … Microsoft keep changing the protocols used by Windows messenger and they obviously don’t open source them, so AFAIK nobodies bothering with anything other than the “chat” side of messenger.

Get your friends to use something else … Skype, Google Talk (voice and video chat), Pidgin, etc … they are all cross platform, and work with webcams.

But unless something changes (or has changed recently), you’re out of luck with Windows (MSN) Messenger, and webcams.


aMSN say their next version 0.99 will support the new MSNP18 protocols … and will “hopefully” support audio and video chat:
but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

cheers mark
i will try some of the ones you pointed out.

just a quick one, how do i get google talk? cant find it in the available packages

Google Talk is a browser plugin that lets you voice and video chat with friends and family from your browser. Install this plugin and logon to Gmail with your webcam and microphone attached to your computer, then initiate a chat with a friend or family member. It will try to connect to your webcam and enable video chat.

You can get the Video and voice plug-in here:

Then see here:

or you can use Pidgin, for just the text chat side of things … Pidgin is compatible with the Windows Google Talk client … see here:

Thanks mark
installed, just have to get some friends to do the same :slight_smile: