Windows on peppermint6

I just installed peppermint 6 on my acer-ms1-512-c915 and I want to install windows too on it.
Please how do I go about it??

Hi rabiu

Although what you want to do is probably possible It’s much easier if you want to dual boot to install Windows first,

Windows doesn’t play nice with other operating systems so if you try to install Windows alongside an existing Linux system Windows will likely overwrite it,

honestly in my opinion you would be better to start over install Windows first then install Peppermint, the Linux installer will quite happily install alongside an existing Windows installation painlessly,

Peppermint uses the Ubuntu installer aka Ubiquity which is designed to make it very easy to install alongside other operating systems Windows on the other hand is designed to make it difficult

Good luck


What Emegra said … much easier to install Windows first, then install Peppermint.

Now I have purchased my Windows 8.1 CD, how do I uninstall the peppermint and install the windows please?

As Emegra said above, no need to uninstall Peppermint, Windows will claim and format the whole drive. :slight_smile: