Windows question. Sorry!

First off I apologise for asking a Windows based question but I cannot bring myself to go one of their forums.

My neighbours Dad died recently and his Windows 7 laptop cannot be opened because they don’t know the password. I have been onto the hard drive with a Siltaz live usb and there is virtually no files and certainly nothing private etc! They just want to use the Acer laptop. I can’t find any rescue discs but I can get into the rescue partition using Siltaz. I’ve tried a couple of password crack programs and they both say that it is blank. when I try it blank it doesn’t work. Password hint says ‘Book’. We have tried them all. Any suggestions?

I found this on a Microsoft community board, Redirecting seems too simple but you can give it a try

Reboot the machine in Safe Mode, then log on as Administrator. The password is often left blank. You can now set the password for any or all of the other users. The next thing is to plan ahead: Click Start / Help, then look for help on "password". Follow the instructions to create a keyfile on your USB flash disk so that you will never again end up in this awkward situation.

Good luck


As long as the disk isn’t encrypted …this works:

I’ve also had luck with chntpw run from a linux livecd

Thanks for the help. I managed to wipe the password using NT Tools a Linux based command line Distro designed specifically for removing passwords. Sorry lost link if I find it I’ll amend post.