Windows software (console) to send commands to linux server?


please is there any simple software which allows simple login to the linux server via ssh and then from windows software execute commands, even simultaneously (mean as different processes, example i run some task and then i can also do next commands? thx


Need simplier thing, one time login and use non limited amount of shh commands. dont want to manage using putty sessions.

I’m only aware of puTTY, it’s something of a gold standard for communicating over SSH from Windows

Or the best yet:

How about MTPuTTY (Multi-Tabbed PuTTY)

MTPuTTY (Multi-Tabbed PuTTY) is a small *FREE* utility enabling you to wrap unlimited number of PuTTY applications in one tabbed GUI interface. You are still continue using your favorite SSH client, but you are no longer messing around with PuTTY windows - each window will be opened in a separate tab.