Wine / Microsoft Viruses (Solved)

Everyone, including Newbies, soon get to realise that ClamAV throws up many ‘viruses’ that are viewed as ‘false positives’ by experienced users. Clam actually displays the location of said ‘viruses’ - mainly in Firefox and LibreOffice. Yet when you view the location, that ‘virus’ is not displayed - even after you ‘show hidden files’. So are we to assume that the file is not there, or is there but hidden beyond our control/reach. I think as the file is actually named by Clam, we must assume it it there hidden. Now, this file can be left there as it is an .exe file that won’t run on Linux…But what happens if you got Wine installed ? Would / could a (Trojan.exe) automatically run on Linux using Wine ?

Hello Franklyn - and welcome to the Forum.

First of all: why are you using anti-virus software on Linux?. I suppose it’s nice in principle, to avoid forwarding corrupted Windows files to other people, but most Linux users don’t bother as it isn’t really necessary.
Please note that ClamAV works only on Debian versions of Linux, like Ubuntu.

What is the location path to which ClamAV claims to send the list?

There are no files in Linux that are completely hidden from view - if it’s not there (either as a normal directory or a hidden one) then it’s not there.
Even an *.exe file cannot be activated when using Wine, and it couldn’t do damage anyway, unless it was designed to corrupt Linux and the code you are running under Wine is designed to activate it.

If you really want to run Windows applications (why?), I suggest that since you have two computers then put Linux alone on one and keep Windows on t’other.


Hi Keith…I’m not a Newbie - but i’m not technically experienced either. I simply wondered whether a hacker could get into my system via Wine & boot a .exe installed by a malicious site i visited (since i read somewhere that Wine is hackable). Anyway i took the easiest & most logical way out - flush the os, clean the hd & reinstall (without Wine). Not had Win10 for a long time & don’t ever intend to go back. I got my main OS - LM20.1 - on a 2TB External HD that is perfectly clean (gonna take your advice & get rid of Clam) & I just dual-booted Peppermint 10 on it (on which i do not intend to add anything) to test it out. It’s Nice ! Thanks for the heads-up. Gonna keep it pure.

Sounds good, Franklyn.

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