Hi. I have (I beleive) installled wine on my netbook but can’t find it. I have been told it will be in application but I have an applications icon. Any ideas?

Samsung NX10 Ubuntu 10 for notebooks.

click the little Ubuntu logo icon top left (on the top panel)… you should see a WINE menu item.

Hi Mark.

It just has ‘About’ and lock to panel ticked.

Apparantly there are different versions of Wine and ways to install. I have just checked installed software and it isn’t showing.

how did you install it?

I have now reinstalled it using Ubuntu software update and it is now showing in the left hand column but I still don’t know how to use it.

OK… your best bet would be to go to WineHQ and read the documentation, but unless you need to change any wine settings for a particular windows app, all you have to do is

Run Configure Wine … on the Applications tab select Windows XP (or any other) … on the Drives tab select Auto-Detect … click on the Audio tab, audio should be configured for you … click OK.

now when you click on a Windows .exe file, it should be automatically started with WINE.

So lets say you want to install the Windows ImgBurn application

download the ImgBurn_setup.exe, and double-click it… it will be installed by WINE and will be available in the WINE menu.

for any Windows apps that require added libraries etc. search the WineHQ appDB database for application specific instructions.

you may find installing the gnome-exe-thumbnailer, and ttf-symbol-replacement packages helpful -

sudo apt-get install gnome-exe-thumbnailer ttf-symbol-replacement

also PlayOnLinux might be helpful… go to:

click on Ubuntu
download the PlayOnLinux_3.8.3 .deb file, and double click it to install.

You will then find it in the Applications>Games>PlayOnLinux menu… run it and click on the install icon on its toolbar… the rest is pretty self explanatory :wink:

Many thanks for your help as always.


I’m now having problems removing a program in Wine.

I tried PS Elements but it was a bit ‘Buggy’ so I tried to remove it but when I run remove program from within Wine it stops after a few seconds and says it was unable to remove. I have uninstalled Wine but still it shows 4 folders in with Elements and one EXE.

Ubuntu 10.04 Samsung NC10.

To completely remove WINE, not only do you need to uninstall Wine from the package manager (synaptic?), but then you’ll have to delete the hidden .wine directory in your home directory.

then if any menu items are still there, right click the Applications menu and select Edit Menus, then navigate to WINE>Programs and remove anything listed there.

DO NOT remove the whole WINE menu, I’ve had trouble getting this back before… even after reinstalling WINE.

Thanks Mark

Hi Mark

I tried to follow what you advised but I do not have an applications menu.

I am running Ubuntu 10.04 for netbooks so there is a column of menus on the left.


Can you right-click that menu bar? … Is there an Ubuntu logo (top left), try right-clicking that.

No, I can’t right click the menu bar an if I right click the Ubuntu logo it only shows ‘About’.

Menu items for WINE are stored in 2 places


nautilus ~/.local/share/applications/wine/Programs


nautilus ~/.config/menus

You could delete everything from those 2 locations, but it would probably be a better idea to just MOVE them to somewhere else, then test the system before deleting… that way you can always put them back.

also see post #6 here:

Once again, worked perfectly. Thanks very much.

One thing I have noticed in Wine, when running a programme like PhotoShop it won’t recognise my USB drive. It is a back up drive of 320 gb and it sits in file manager and my desktop as ‘Seagate’. When I want to open a file from it when using a program in Wine it does not show up. It shows C: …/drive_c
Any ideas?

Ubuntu 10.10. Toshiba Equium Wine 1.2.1

Use the GIMP, or run Windows in a VM :wink:

WINE does a pretty good job as a compatibility layer, but was never going to be as good as running the application in its native environment.

If you MUST use Windows apps… run them in Windows :slight_smile:

I’m not “having a go”… What I’m saying is that I too spent ages trying to make Linux do Windows stuff, eventually I gave up and learned how to use the Linux stuff, and am much happier for it… Linux is not Windows (thank god).

BTW, if you plug your USB drive in, then run:


Select the “Drives” tab… then select “Autodetect”… it should find your drive and make it available to apps run in WINE.

You’re absolutely right Mark. :slight_smile:

I am only keeping P’shop as an interim whilst I get to grips with The Gimp.

I am learning every day and have virtually dumped Windows all together.

Well done… too many people seem to give up when they can’t turn Linux into Windows, and never really “Get it”.