Wobbly and exploding windows!!!!

I’ve just installed Mint 17 Cinnamon on a mates laptop.
He now wants wobbly windows!
I’ve downloaded the compiz stuff but … no wobbly or exploding/falling apart windows.
Any help appreciated.

I think I’ve done it.
Downloaded extra settings using terminal after doing a Google … I’m getting good at this.

No seems not.
I’ve got the options dialouge etc in compiz but no matter what I do it doesn’t work.
Using what comes with 17 I can slide/glide windows in and out but no cube or exploding stuff.
I haven’t given up yet though.

No luck.
Is it worth trying KDE or something else instead of Cinnamon and can I install KDE etc into Mint 17 Cinnamon without reinstalling everything?

You could certainly try … see your other topic:

I’d wait a couple of weeks if you want Mint 17 KDE, it should be officially released soon