I’m in the market for a new motherboard, so I did a search for “linux compatible chipset” and this popped up!

Is anybody safe online anymore? Is Kali a bad guy? Why does anyone legitimately need a wireless adapter with Monitor Mode or Packet Injection? Why aren’t these wannabe hackers getting arrested when they haven’t even got the sense to hide their intentions, or their tracks?

Answers on parchment please. I’m off to buy an abacus…

Mmm, Kali is a linux distribution targeted at professional penetration testers … this is kinda the gun argument within a computer context. If nobody can get such hardware, nobody can test networks, which means there will end up being untested (and potentially insecure) networks all over the shop. Then when one miscreant gets hold of the hardware, they can run amok. If on the other hand lots of people have it and lots of people test networks on a regular basis, there will likely be far fewer weaknesses and those that there are will be found and fixed far more quickly. (also the “why open source software is more secure than proprietary software” argument :))

Just as a matter of interest you can also get network cards with “tap” ports that bridge two ports and copy the in/out on to a third monitor port :slight_smile:

I take your points, but surely, providing the capabilty is causing the problem. If the bad guys didn’t have it, the good guys wouldn’t need it.

A bit like saying “Here’s how to split the atom. Please don’t use this information to create bombs”.