XBMC watch and record live tv over internet

Hi all,

I have had my xbmc box for over a year now and I really love it. Having never really done anything with it other than keep my film collection on it I am not very experienced with it.

So my questions is this. Traditionally a tuner card is required for xbmc to receive and record live tv. I would like to stream my TV to the box, but, not using an app such as tvCatchUp2.0 (which is what I use to stream now). If possible I would really like to get the EPG working with it too.

I have heard of a few add-ons that sound like what I am looking for but I cant find much info on this subject.

If anyone has any experience or can google better than I can :stuck_out_tongue: then let me know because this has been plaguing me for a few days now.

Cheers all,