xp compatable software

Good afternoon to all
This is most likely an obvious and stupid question, and its been asked a million times before.
But I could not see it, mind you I need new glasses but I will ask.
If I change from xp pro to Linux, will my xp compatable software load and run on it.

In other words: You like to run your Win-software under Linux:

For the most common task there is enough software for Linux around, if you really have a problem, for which no Linux software exists (would be a surprise), than you still can use WINE http://www.winehq.org/ to run Win-software under Linux.

The answer is No and Yes… No they won’t run “natively” in Linux, but will be able to get “some” applications to work in WINE, or “all” of them to run in Windows inside a virtual machine… or you could dual-boot… all 3 options explained in the top link below.

A much better idea would be to use Linux native software, most of which is free and just as good if not better than its Windows equivalent… there is a list of Linux alternatives to Windows software below.

For more information about these 4 options see the links below:
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Linux in the UK (the best General Linux info site on the internet) :slight_smile: