Yahoo messenger not working on Linux?- SOLVED

Yahoo messenger no longer works- is this no longer supported on Linux? It used to work. I click on the smilie but nothing happens. I have a friend who wants to chat on yahoo.

No experience with Yahoo messenger but have you tried Pidgin?
Its a messanger client that uses every network known to man, facebook, Yahoo, Aol, MSN, all in the same thing.
You can install it with (if not already installed):

sudo apt-get install pidgin

Thanks SeZo. She ended up creating an aim herself, but I will install the Pidgin too.

Does the person I want to chat with need to have pidgin as well or does it link to her yahoo?

Right, I saw that one has to add one’s IM accounts- aol was fine but yahoo locked me out and says to log in to yahoo to fix it but that doesn’t work.

It won’t enable either yahoo or google, only enables aim/aol.

I use Pidgin and ONLY use Yahoo and Google. What distro do you us?

Peppermint 3.

Pidgin can be configured to use your yahoo messenger account … then you should be able to talk to anyone else on yahoo messenger via Pidgin.

Install it with:

sudo apt-get install pidgin

I already installed it Mark but it won’t accept yahoo.

So you’ve set …
Protocol: Yahoo
Username: (the bit before the @ sign in your Yahoo email address)
Password: Your Yahoo password
and ticked “Remember Password”…

Yes tons of times and now it is disabled.

Pidgin is working now, thanks guys.