Yet another newbie!

New to Lnux been a windows user for… to long, running windows 7 Pro not going to windows 10.
Just loaded Linux Mint.
I know as a windows user I am going to have problems adapting.
I am having problems with having to type commands for what I want the system to do.
Three problems I have encountered so far are:-

  1. When I leave the laptop switched on untended the system goes to a black screen with just the pointer visible nothing I can do but reboot.
  2. tried to load Gonzilla it loaded from software manager I pressed “Launch”
    Nothing happened looked for it in the menu, not there.
  3. plugged in a Usb stick nothing shown on the screen.
    Just one other thing the system seems to be running very slow in comparison to windows 7 Pro.
    Really want to get away from MS Windows I will get my head around this!
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Regards, Barry.

Hello Barry - and welcome to the Forum.

It’s unusual for people to have such problems with Mint and it may be that the download of Mint was corrupted.
Did you check the integrity of the download by comparing the MD5SUM with what is shown on the Mint website?

You say that you are having problems with having to type commands for what I want the system to do. Using terminal commands takes a bit of practice but you’ll soon get the hang of it with help from our Members. Indeed the Command Line is often the best way of solving problems.

With regard to your three problems:

  1. Locked out with a black screen. As a temporary solution, go to the system settings and change the screen behaviour so that it doesn’t blank after a few minutes’ non-use.
  2. Gonzilla? I couldn’t find any reference to that anywhere on the web (except some monster). The nearest I found was Go!zilla which appears to be a Windows application and that definitely won’t work on Linux!
  3. No response to USB stick. Did you check the applications shown at the base of the screen? The file manager might have been shown there, and only needs to be clicked on to show the application.
  4. Slower than Windows 7. Mint should be noticeably faster that Windows as it’s much smaller.

To help people to respond, please provide the following information:
What is your computer make & model?
How much memory does it have?
Which version of Mint did you install and where did you get it from?
Did you check the integrity of the download before the installation (MD5SUM)?

In the meantime, I’ll have a look at Mint 18 as I have it on a Live USB.

Hi, Keith.
Seem I must have a corrupt installation, strange things happening just went to minimise a document and it closed it instead without saving, internet keeps dropping out.
I should have said Clonezilla ! It show up with a green tick in software manager but nowhere else.
My laptop maybe a little old now but it run windows 7 really well its a Dell Inspiron 1545 duel CPU 2.30 Mhz 4 Gb memory, hard drive 500Gb, empty other than running Mint Xubuntu I just got it from Google, should I be using another version?
Not happy with it so I will wait for a reply before reloading it.
Thanks, Barry.

Hi Barry.

Doesn’t sound good.
The Dell Inspiron is fine and with 4GB should run any Ubuntu-based operating system like Mint.

I meant which website (found with Google) did you download the ISO from?
But…did you check the integrity of the downloaded ISO file? That’s important. You can get the information about how to do it here: Verify your ISO image — Linux Mint Installation Guide documentation.

It turns out that Mint provides a check sum using sha256sum rather than MD5SUM - sorry I misled you there.
If Mint is running (sort of) you can start a terminal session (CTRL+ALT+T) and follow the instructions from the Mint website above. I’ve just tried it on a Mint 20 ISO and it worked fine - except that my Mint 20 Live USB doesn’t work!


[EDIT] Just noticed that you refer to Mint XUbuntu. But these are different operating systems. Which do you have installed?

Hi Barry - looks like it’s best if you start again from scratch!

Good news - it’s easier than it first appears!

Your lappy is 64-bit capable so that gives you way more choice of distribution. When you have decided on which one to go for, (and I would recommend Mint as I use it myself exclusively - others are available - but at least choose a more ‘mainstream’ one as the support for those is much broader). And should a particular ‘distro’ be not to your liking, you can replace it with another with no problem or cost and add to or delete from it to suit your own particular requirements. Bit different to other systems, eh? :wink:

For example, let’s say Mint is the target, copy and paste the link directly into your browser bar -

This will take you directly to the official site. Follow the instructions from there. This link will not show you the latest version of Mint (that’s v20) but one that is well established and has a long support life so should give you a stable and polished OS to begin with :wink: and version Mate rather than Cinnamon as it is more ‘user friendly’ for Windows converts. You can easily upgrade later once you are comfortable in Linux. Also, check out the forum boards. Under ‘Installation and Boot’ you’ll find plenty of ‘how-to’s’ on setting it up.

Oh, and regarding problems in typing in instructions… I assume you mean into the Terminal? You can simply copy/paste those straight in to avoid errors but be sure to copy all of the string as they can be quite long occasionally!

Hope this helps but if you get stuck, repost on here and we’ll walk you through it as best we can.

Welcome to Linux!


Found out where I was going wrong, I download the copy of linux Cinnoman from the University of Waterloo Computer Science club in Canada, Wrong! There are a lot of things missing in the Canadian version its totally different from the U.K. edition or maybe it was just corrupt, since download it from UK site, wonderful!

Like most people I am trying to get away from windows 7, I am over the moon with Mint 20 I tried Linux years ago, it was not for me then but it is now!

The only thing I am really missing is Photoshop can somebody please walk me through what I have to do to run it on Mint 20? ( slowly)

Try the Gimp before deciding that you must have Photoshop. There’s a lot of documentation, like

Some versions of Photoshop can be run using Wine:

If you only own Photoshop Elements, that’s not so Wine-friendly, but Gimp is more powerful anyway.

For suggestions on useful programs and replacements for Windows software, look here:

Don’t forget to get them from the Mint repository — that means you’ll get the bug fixes automatically.

Hi Barry.

I’m glad that you found the source of the problem and that you are up & running with Mint.
As you have fixed the original purpose of your topic, please amend the title of your first post to say [Solved].


As for photoshop as has already been said Gimp is a very close alternative and you can even make it look and behave like PS …