Zero search results

I am unable to get any results in Dolphin when I do a search. Either using ’ ’ (space) or . as a search parameter.
Any other details required, please ask (system info in sig)

Any ideas anyone?

Hi Pooky

is this any help

For those who are looking for an answer and are using a newer version of KDE. (I'm using Platform Version 4.8.4 on Ubuntu 12 Precise.) On the main menu select Edit > Find. You will see the Find toolbar above the file pane and be presented with four buttons: Filename, Content, From Here (current folder location), and everywhere. For specifics on how each works, consult help or the KDE Help Center.

Additionally, if you are using a Linux build like Ubuntu, your default desktop is custom Gnome desktop called Unity. Ubuntu sets your home folder to automatically open on long with Nautilus. This is not removed after installing KDE or switching to KDE. Nautilus does not have this Find function. Make sure you are using Dolphin before wondering where the find function is.

I cannot find KFind in my version, so it’s either replaced with a new find function or an optional install.

Here’s the full thread

is this a KDE desktop ? if so you may need to install kfind you’ll find it in synaptic

Good luck


You missed reading my sig, it states I’m using Kubuntu 12.04
In Kubuntu there’s the binoculars too that you can click on. As you can see, I did a search on’.odt’ from ‘root’ and got no results

I just thought, you mentioned KFind and decided to check if it was something I needed in Kubuntu. It wasn’t installed so I installed it. Still no results. looks like a reboot may be needed…

Done a bit of digging around and found stuff on Nepomux and strigi or something
And nepomukindexer (path to file) to force indexing

Did the problem just started or did it ever work?

It used to work and then some time last week decided to stop!

I thought it might be a nepomuk issue - check Google or Kubuntu’s forums for bug reports/people complaining. You could try re-installing it via apt-get (little bit risky, might break things!)