Zoostorm Laptop with no Operating System

Just bought a laptop that has no operating system. It’s a Zoostorm http://www.ebuyer.com/398944-zoostorm-laptop-7873-9040

You put your own on. This means it is cheaper as you do not have to pay for Windows and it gets around the Win 8 boot issues. The laptop has a good spec’ with a sharp screen and effortlessly runs Linux. I have installed and uninstalled Mint 15 due to issues that could be down to a corrupt iso, I don’t know. I have now installed Peppermint 4 and it is really quick.

Here are the Cons:

DVD drive is flimsy, if you write and read a lot of DVD’s then this may not be for you. The Caps lock button is close to ‘A’ and can easily be knocked. Some of the the buttons are a little too recessed.

The review site Revoo shows that many have bought this machine and successfully Mint 15 and Peppermint 4. For £260 it is hard to complain for a machine of this spec.

Note. Not a negative as such but the bios may seem odd to some. If you want to boot from usb then you must press F7 EVERY TIME and select usb or CD.

Can’t speak for the other desktops - but, both KDE and Mate have options whereby the CapsLock can be ‘permanently’ disabled.
On KDE its under System Tools > Input Options > Advanced.
If I remember correctly, on Mate it’s Preferences/Options > Keyboard > Advanced.

Thanks salparadise. :slight_smile:

If you want to disable the CapsLock in ANY distro:

setxkbmap -option caps:none

To re-enable it:

setxkbmap -option

Would be easy enough to create launchers for those, and/or add the first one to autostart.