11.04 Natty Narwhal, is it stable yet?

I know the beta has been around for a little while and that it has been quite buggy.
However, today I got a pop up asking if I would like to upgrade to the latest firmware/os/dte or whatever you want to call it, does this mean the bugs are gone and it’s ok to use?
The reason is, this is swmbo’s PC and she’s not really that interested in working around problems, she just wants it to work when it’s switched on like 10:10 does.

There are never any guarantees that an upgrade will go 100% smoothly… this applies to ALL OS’s… though for most there will be little to no issues.

Personally, I’d say wait a while, and see what problems are reported as people start making the switch.

It’s a personal choice, whether to be one of the first to upgrade, or to take the more cautious approach, but as you said you want as few problems as possible, I’d wait and see how it goes for others.

The usual “cautious approach” seems to be to wait till the .01 release (11.04.01) comes out in about 3 months, where any issues that arise from the initial release are normally ironed out… but the choice is yours… 10.10 will be fully supported till April 2012 so there’s no rush. :wink:

Ok, I’m using it on all new desktop installs (including my main desktop) and as of two days ago I started using the server instance.

The only thing I’d say is that there is a potential memory leak in the graphics system - but that’s going to be card dependent and you’ll probably find they’ll fix this presently without saying anything …

  • that aside - not seeing any problems - and I’m using Unity …
  • I might hold off installing on “user” desktops for a minute …
  • skype video calls are flawless “out of the box” … :slight_smile:

You’ve nearly got me convinced to give it a shot…
I’m usually dubious about quite so much change at the same time. Having said that, gnome 3 seems to be radically different too. It seems that one way or another, we’ll end up having to “embrace” change… Just wish I could get to grips with KDE, it seems to follow a steadier evolution in its development.
On a different note, has anyone had much success running compiz plugins with unity?

I’m tempted to install it but what about memory requirements? My Toshiba Equuim with 2gb will be OK but what about my Samsung NC10 (1gb) or my Sony Vaio (512mb)? Should I go for cut down versions? Also I prefer drop down menus so can I keep Gnome?

THat should keep you all busy! ;D

I don’t think the memory requirements have changed from 10.xx, but don’t quote me on that.

the above mentioned systems will all run it, but I would expect the 512mb system to be a little slow… Xubuntu or Lubuntu may be a better bet for that particular system.

in 11.04… YES you can still have the GNOME 2 desktop, the only difference will be the inclusion of the “Global Menu”.

In 11.10, the GNOME 2 desktop will NOT be installed by default, but it IS there in 11.04… you just decide at the login screen whether to load Unity or GNOME 2 (called Classic)… you can then set which interface you want it to default to.

I changed to 11.04 last week… at first, I hated Unity (and I’m still undecided), but it’s growing on me… it has got it’s peculiarities, such as moving between windows without a bottom panel feels totally wrong, and I found it impossible to have 2 iterations of the same application running until I discovered you could middle-click the icons on the launcher dock, there are a few more peculiarities, none of which so far are show stoppers… so I suppose it’s just about getting used to a new way of doing things.

If you don’t like using keyboard shortcuts such as Alt+TAb to switch between open windows, you may find it a bit frustrating at first (choosing them from the dock bar is a little slow while it slides in and out… but you’ll soon learn to use they keyboard to do it, and maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

Like I said it’s growing on me… and there’s always the option to fall back to GNOME 2… though I’m trying not to.

Thanks for the input Mark.

Well, I have completely wiped the Windows partition on my Vaio and now have Linux only on it. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Installed Xubuntu and I’m initially pleased with it.

Been using Xubuntu on 2 old laptops for a while now. both <1GB ram and little processor to speak of. Recent update to 11.04 runs beautifully on both. In fact, Xubuntu (or Xfce)seems to go from strength to strength as others bicker and flounder a little?

Update :: I’m still using it on the desktop, and have a number of servers on it too. The only thing I’d say is that the lack of “tooltray” support is a bit of a pain, and don’t try the third party plugins because some of them leak memory like there’s no tomorrow. Indeed if you don’t reboot daily with these installed, then your machine won’t be working “tomorrow” (!)

That aside, on the basis that Unity is “new” and “ongoing”, I’m sold.

Server stuff is stable and has new stuff in that one typically wants … :slight_smile:

I’m quite interested in learning more about servers and things… Now only if someone could hit me with some information ::). Unity, isn’t that the new desktop that looks like OS X? I’m still a newbie… note to self - must learn about more networking, and linux :slight_smile: