12.04 Update

Having read about the various problems and glitches in this update I decided to hang fire for a while,what is the latest situation? Is it reasonably safe to go ahead now with this and not expect to get frozen mouse and keyboard etc or is it safer to wait a bit longer till all is sorted out? :-\

Personally unless there’s any reason you need/want to upgrade, I tend to wait for the “.1” release, as they’ve usually ironed out a lot of the discovered issues by then :slight_smile:

According to this:

They are aiming for 17th August 2012 for Ubuntu 12.04.1

But only you can really decide whether to wait or not.

If your PC can boot from USB sticks … you could always install it to a USB stick and test it :wink:

But as always, if going for an UPGRADE … backup what you can’t afford to loose first.

In general, I prefer a fresh installs to upgrades.

At the moment, .0 is still pretty unstable. There’s still a lot of crashes, even the crash reporter is crashing.

I’d advise you wait until 12.04.1 is put out, and a lot of the creases are ironed out.

Thank you very much gentlemen, you have confirmed my feeling, will hang on till the .1 is released, quite happy using 11.10 really and am still finding my way round the system anyway. As always prompt responses to pleas for help. :slight_smile: