[ABANDONED] Internet connection keeps dropping

For some strange reason I am losing internet connection.
It happened a few weeks ago and was only resolved after a reinstall of the OS. I contacted SKY over the issue and they could not find ANY fault whatsoever, I even had BT out to check the line a couple of times and they too could not find anything wrong.
I did a quick search to see if anyone else had a similar problem and discovered it’s something to do with daemon.
It started just after I installed Dropbox. I got a message that daemon needs installing, so, that’s what I did and tha’ts when the problem started and I don’t know how to fix it.

Have you tested your theory by uninstalling daemon ?

Wasn’t sure if it was safe to do that.
Will have a try…

Tried it and it doesn’t change anything, whether daemon is there or not!

Reinstalled the OS (Yet again!!!)

When you say “loosing the internet”, do you mean “dropping wireless” to your router ?

It was something I did to the OS, don’t ask what as I have no idea. The only solution I could see was to reinstall.

Well at least you’re up and running again now :slight_smile: