AC600 Wireless USB Adapter MWA255 not connecting

Mint 19.3 64bit mate.

I installed this wi-fi adapter and all seemed OK indicator light working and can see the different wi-fi networks.

However, it will not log in to any networks box comes up for password but will not connect.

Any suggestions.

Hello Tramlink,

While it’s true that Linux is very good at coping with most things one plugs into it, you might be unlucky his time.

If this is the Wavlink Model: WL-WN681A1, says "If your computer’s operating system doesn’t install the driver automatically after plugging in, you just need to install the driver from the bundled CD or from Wavlink’s website. "
Going to and selecting WL-WN681A1-B (there are several versions) shows a pop-up with drivers for Windows and MAC. Since MAC is Linux based, you might like to try installing MAC drivers from your installation CD.


Thanks for reply. It is a meross model

The drivers are fully installed and working I can see the wi-fi networks but can not log in to the networks the password is rejected.

My old D-Link adaptor logs in just fine with the same password.

I did see that one but guessed you would be using the smaller, Wavlink one, also with the AC600 name.

You seem to have chosen the most appropriate model, and I’ve not seen anything so supportive of Linux, unless there is something very different about Mint 19 c.f. Mint 18.
I can’t think of anything else except checking the WiFi settings very carefully - which I’m sure you will have done several times.


I contacted Melross and they replied " we are sorry that we stop supporting this device so it is not suitable for Ubuntu 18 & 20 now. Sorry for the inconvenience and trouble caused.
Which means Mint 18 to 20, too. So it looks like you are out of luck this time. It might be worth contacting [email protected] for info on which of their products would be suitable.


Interesting but they still have drivers on their website for for mint 18.4 and the equipment is working seeing networks but will not let me log in with the password.

Are you using IPV4 Method = Automatic (DHCP) and Security WPA2 Personal (i.e. everything set to defaults) or do you use something fancy?

Yes everything set to default options… it is so strange.

When you attempt to log in, does it just ignore you or is there an error message?
Does the wifi icon seem to be trying to connect?

Thanks for the info but have now given up on this adaptor.
Have put a comment on the site where I bought it saying it is no longer working with newer versions of LINUX.