Accounting software

I am looking for Linux accounting software. I would prefer something simple that I can generate invoices from and have integrated database, printing labela etc. Any suggestions.

GNUcash can do all that, but there’s (IMHO) quite a steep learning curved attached.

Then again, I suppose that can be said of any accounting software.

Cheers Mark

I will give it a go but I think it could be a case of dusting of horrible vista again. :frowning:

On second thoughts. Having had a quick look, it seems it may be OK.

I will give it a chance.

It’s a good package … just needs a bit of homework to get it set up :wink:

Once set up it does the job admirably.

GNUcash documentation:-

Thanks for the link. :slight_smile:

I can recommend or - you will find they do a much better job than any accounting software you will be able to download … not free, but then not that expensive in the grand scale of things … :slight_smile:

Thanks MP. I will check them out.