acer aspire 5715z overheating with mandriva linux 2010 spring, what should I do?

best if I tell you my prob by giving you a link,
can you tell me what the best thing I should do is please.

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I’m not a KDE user, but from what I gather… If you’ve got the guidance-power-manager package installed, you should have an icon in the system tray (by clock) that if you right-click it should let you select different CPU frequency scaling profiles.

Which version of Mandriva 2010 spring are you running?
As according to this Mandriva bug report:
“One spring” doesn’t install the cpufreq (cpu frequency scaling) drivers by default, but the “Free spring” version does.

It seems a lot of people are having issues with Mandriva and CPU frequency scaling… ever considered a move to Ubuntu :wink:

I have the free edition of mandriva, before I try to somehow find that hidden partition to restore vista(which I do not want to do if I can help it), which distro is the best one to go with? :-\ :-\

hear some good things about mint but which should be the best? :-
tryed installing slackware but think that slackware is only able to install on old machines, so slackware is no use unfortuantly. :frowning:

Try Ubuntu 10.10, if there are any issues with CPU heat, see here for directions on how to scale the CPU frequency:

or as you say, Linux Mint, as it’s based on Ubuntu anyway… but if you go for Mint, wait till Mint 10 is released or get the release candidate now.

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You could also give PCLinuxOS a go… if you were happy with Mandriva, as it’s based on Mandriva.

But you may find Ubuntu/Mint help easier to come by.

Or if you really want an Apple, why not try installing OSX ? (hackintosh)… Personally I think Macs suck, but just my opinion :wink:

what do you mean ‘hackintosh’

Mac = Macintosh
Hackintosh = Mac OSX on a non-Mac

Google “hackintosh”

ain’t that illegal, or do you mean virtually?

Well that’s up to you… even running it as a VM would be illegal if you don’t have a licence which would mean owning a Mac… one of the many reasons I don’t like Apple.

I’m not going to tell you to do it, nor am I going to advise it… just letting you know what’s possible.

My advice has already been stated as “try Ubuntu”.

Ok, slowly but steadly downloading lucid lynx which I think is a lovely name,
do you know of any free software that I just boot into on a disk that will find my hidden partition and be recover vista?
just incase need to. :-\

If your recovery partition is still there… try hitting Alt+F10 at bootup… your acer should go into recovery mode.

If that doesn’t put you into Acers eRecovery… see here:

BTW, any reason you’ve gone for Lucid Lynx (10.04) and not the latest version, Maverick Meerkat (10.10) as I advised ?

thought that lucid lynx was 10.10, did download the one you said, just getting name mixed up ??? :slight_smile: :wink: