Acer Aspire One 3 cell battery- opening + renovating 110 ZG; Bluetooth software

Then in a burst of lunatic enterprise today, cut open and dissembled my 3 cell battery (if can find cheap cells-priced them at ~$20 but you can buy new 6 cell 5500Ma on Ebay for $22 w free shipping. Price in Ukraine- $130 !!! It was totally dead- just flashes yellow after 20 minutes and doesn’t give me one second use. Or there’s some problem on the power jack that doesn’t feed battery power (duh, forgot to check that, when had it open).

DON’T TRY THIS. I didn’t slash off a finger, but not cause I didn’t try, slashing along seam lines 20 times with a razor knife till the sucker surrendered. Miraculously didn’t destroy or damage the circuitry in the protrusion with the connector (pried it apart then), but wires are attached at ends AND between each cell for different voltages- you got to carefully desolder these or rip off the pressed-on connectors on the 3.7 cell fat-AA size lithiums, and there are strip metal connectors to circuitry without any extra play. I’ll post some pics next time- these suckers are not meant to be opened. If you do it, do it right- take a small removed razor knife blade and wire it to a soldering iron or gun and cut/melt through like a knife through butter

SOFTWARE for AA1. A USB bluetooth doesn’t open or find anything, even when I try to open “Bluetooth file sharing” on full menu. Whats software to run bluetooth on Linpus.
There have been no basic software updates since beginning 2009 for Linpus- does anyone have files to do basic problem and security updates for it.
I’ll read your peppermint post, Mark, but a new OS seems too much hassle- there’s always some hardware that doesn’t work

I'll read your peppermint post, Mark, but a new OS seems too much hassle- there's always some hardware that doesn't work

Seems like much less hassle that you’ve already gone to :wink: … and nope, ALL the AA1’s hardware works fine under peppermint.

There ARE ways of getting bluetooth working in Linpus, but it’s somewhat complicated:

You should seriously consider Peppermint … depending on the adapter, bluetooth will probably “just work” … lets put things this way, if it won’t work in Peppermint (which is based on Ubuntu 11.04), you stand no chance in Linpus.

And as you say there are NO security and software updates for Linpus, and there never will be … Fedora Core 8 which is what Linpus Lite is based on reached “end of life” some time ago.

I’m not trying to PUSH you into Peppermint, but I’d seriously consider something other than Linpus … but your call.

I’ll read your Doublemint posts and study it for a while, then maybe do it, cause triple RAM will open up many possibilities. The bluetooth installation installs a new kernel (newer?). If so, wouldn’t this be a way to update system a bit? And can that cause anything else to not work? Are bluetooth dongles pretty standardized- I have a larger blue one about 1 1/2" long (can’t identify it more at moment).

If so, wouldn't this be a way to update system a bit?

In a word …NOPE.

can that cause anything else to not work?

If it includes a kernel version upgrade … YES it could certainly stop other things from working.

But I think (I’d have to go through it to be sure) it’s just a recompile of the same kernel.

Missed a crucial step on the battery disassembly- test em in situ, as they say in chemistry. Turns out, as is common with batteries=- only one was bad, on the right end, and didn’t need to rip them all out. Replacing the one bad one- $6 here might give me another year, since it failed at a little over 1 1/2 yr. Second- the contacts are pressed on the battery, since was going to toss it, heated them a little with one of those acetylene lighters, which didn’t have much effect. This is a useful enterprise to have a second or emergency battery, or just use them.

If you can fit em, they work fine in 3 AAA cell LED flashlights and will run them forever. 2 together would give 7.4V, fine for emergency mobile recharge of phone batteries. These were Samsung - pretty standard, but if you have a bigger laptop battery, finding a single dead cell could save you serious bucks.

What ever we do we must have to think before sending money. Yes letting everyone of them will increase your spends but repleace the one bad battery it not only saves money but also save energy.