acer aspire one - linux - Firefox

More than a year ago - using your instructions - I upgraded my AA1 to version 7 of Firefox.
Thanks to you all went very well since then.
For the past few months I there have been messages to say that I need to upgrade Firefox
but I have not upgraded.
Today when I logged on, the opening screen had changed slightly - all the choices ( Browser,
Messenger etc) had gone back to the original ones and new ones like Skype had disappeared.
In the background (behind) was a small black mouse and the letters XFCE.
Has this change been caused by me or is it a result of me not upgrading ?
Thank you for your help.
Kevin Woodward

No it’s nothing to do with Firefox … somehow the menu structure has become corrupt.

You’ll have to give me some time to see if I can remember how the menu structure worked in Linpus … I haven’t used it for AGES, and neither has anyone else :wink:

Really you should be looking into using another Linux distribution … Linpus Lite hasn’t been supported for years now.