Acer aspire one Linux os not booting up properly

Hi my son has an acer aspire one netbook that uses the Linux os it has been working fine until last night it would not connect to the Internet . I then noticed there was no lower toolbar that allows you to power down/ shows wifi connection and time . There was also a box in the top left of the screen showing a multi-star icon which displayed a message that this item was not set up yet . How can I get his computer running properly will I need to recover the software if so I do not have a backup

Can you give us the exact message that is displayed about the “item not having been set up”.

First of all, is the panel just set to “auto-hide”… is there a little arrow that when clicked makes the panel reappear, or does moving the mouse cursor to to the very bottom corner of the screen make it reappear ?

If not, you might want to try this…

1.) Open a terminal… you can do this by hitting Alt+F2 and then typing terminal and clicking the Run button

2.) In the terminal enter:


and hit enter.

3.) When thunar opens hit Ctrl+H to display hidden files. (files/folders that start with “.” are hidden by default)

4.) Look for the folder called .config, and enter it. (don’t miss the “.”)

5.) Look for the folder called xfce4, and enter it.

6.) Look for the folder called panel, right-click it… select “Rename”, and change its name to old-panel

7.) now restart the X server by hitting Ctrl+Alt+Backspace (or reboot)

This should put the lower panel back to default settings.

If it doesn’t work, rename the freshly created panel folder to something like panel-2 and rename old-panel back to panel, and let us know.

For clarity, you are trying to rename the /home//.config/xfce4/panel directory.

the icon when hovered over says New item This item has not yet been configured
the lower tool bar is not on autohide and i have tried opening a terminal but when i type in code: it says bash: code: command not found. i had a problem a while ago where i could not get into terminal because it needed to be accessed by administrator to change anything

hi thanks for your help i managed to sort out the terminal and his computer is working fine again , thankyou for your help

OK I haven’t got an AA1, so you’ll have to find the thunar file manager (bit like windows explorer).

It may be…

On the 4-part home screen, open My Files or My Documents under Files.

Hopefully this will open in thunar, then make sure you are in your “Home” directory, and continue from step 3.

I must have been typing this as you were entering your last posting :slight_smile:

Glad you got it sorted.

also had this problem on my daughters netbook for the last 6 months was ready to chuck it!!! thanks to you and your advice its going again, again many thanks!!!

You’re very welcome… It’s nice to know it helped you… thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Mark - Incredible…works perfectly now…once aagin you enable me to keep my Acer Aspire one ticking over…your advice is amazing…cheers


Hi hartj01, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback … it’s always nice to hear these things helped someone.