acer aspire one netbook running linux. can i update to the latest firefox?

we have a acer aspire one netbook running linux. i managed to upgrade the supplied firefox with 3.6 in a way i found via a google search. the reason i done this was some web pages werent loading properly eg facebook, chat box wouldnt work and recognise that the user was on there. by upgrading to the 3,6 version of firefox it fixed all these problems, and for a while worked great. however since the new firefox has come out, we find we exactly the same issues again,

is there a way to upgrade again to firefox 4 yet, or is there another way round this problem?

i am a complete novice when it comes to linux, and dont understand it at all compared to windows.

cheers in advance for any helpful replies
kind regards

Can you tell me how you installed Firefox 3, or point me to the instructions you followed.

Firefox just runs from a directory, so if you download Firefox 4, unpack it, and swap everything in your current Firefox directory with what you just unpacked… Voila!!! (usually safer to rename the old firefox (3) directory to firefox-old, then just replace with new directory)

But I can’t give more specific instructions unless I know where you originally put Firefox 3.

Just as a guess is it in /opt/firefox ?


For future readers…

Full instructions to install Firefox 7 on an Acer Aspire One running Linpus Lite Linux can be found here:[/b]

i used this method i found on google

as it had simple to follow instructions to copy and paste, i had no issues doing it lol
but anything else with linux im stumped.

To download the firefox-4.0.tar.bz2 archive:

wget -O firefox-4.0.tar.bz2 ""

To rename your old firefox 3.x folder, so you can rename it back in case firfox 4 doesn’t work:

sudo mv /opt/firefox /opt/firefox-old

To unpack the firefox-4.0.tar.bz2 archive to /opt/firefox directory:

sudo tar -jxf firefox-4.0.tar.bz2 --directory /opt

to change the owner to user

sudo chown user -R /opt/firefox

Firefox 4 should now “just work” in the normal way.

if it doesn’t… try rebuilding the symlinks with:
sudo ln -fs /opt/firefox/firefox /usr/bin/firefox
sudo ln -s /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/* /opt/firefox/plugins

if you need to create a new profile, do what it says in your link:

Effectively you’re following the same instructions, but backing up the old /opt/firefox directory, and using a different wget address.

cheers for that

so basically i just copy and paste the first theree lines of code you have there.

whats the next bit about though about changing owner to user ?
like i said i havent a clue what im doing lol

OK, edited above… enter the first 4 commands, then check if firefox works.

If not, enter the bottom 2 commands that i’ve highlighted in blue bold.

I’m not 100% convinced the change of ownership of the /opt/firefox directory is needed, but it shouldn’t hurt, and WAS in the instructions you linked to, so do it anyway.

excellent, thank you very much for your time. will give it a go and report back

first 4 lines seem to go ok, but when i click on the firefox tab it doesnt work, i copy the blue text in and it says sudo In: command not found

LN not IN… but lower case, remember Linux commands ARE case sensitive

I’ve made the text larger in the posting… does that help differentiate the L’s and I’s ?

Also you may need to follow the section in your link that says to create a new profile by doing this:
(but I don’t think so, as the profile should be in your home folder… this is just about copying your bookmarks):

Launch the profile manager using the command below. Create a new profile, name it anything you like and select it. If you want to keep your bookmarks export them via the bookmark manager first. You can then delete the old default profile.

firefox -profilemanager -no-remote

not having much luck here at the moment, got the 1st blue line done, but second doesnt seem to work, and copying the code to open the profile page doesnt work either

what happens if you open a terminal and enter:


it says stuff about version ‘GLIBCXX_3.4.9’ not found, with a load of code before it when trying to get to profile manager


bash: opt/firefox/firefox: No such file or directory

you missed out the beginning /


it says /opt/firefox/firefox-bin: /usr/lib/ version ‘GLIBCXX_3.4.9’ not found (required by /opt/firefox/

gimme a sec, I’ll see if is available for your system.

OK, seems it isn’t available for Linpus Lite… keep checking back on this thread and I’ll see if we can create a symlink to and get it to work that way, but I want to test it first.

OK, try this and tell me what happens…
(BTW, this will NOT break firefox 3.6)

Open a terminal, and enter:



sudo tar -jxf libstdc++6.tar.bz2 --directory /opt/firefox4

Now see if firefox4 runs when you enter the following command:


If it does, let me know and I’ll tell you how to fix the links.

If it doesn’t. let me know what the error is.

done everything but doesnt look like firefox 4,how do i tell if it is or not?

edit:- yes it is firefox 4, woo hoo!

what do i need to do next to get it running normaly?
also i dont know if its related, but im still having issues loading certain things like for example games on facebook. i thought it would be related to the release of firefox but its still doing it with this one. would it be a java, flash or similer issue? we have to identical netbooks and one plays the games etc fine, but this one doesnt, when they are loading they get to around 50% then freeze, and its trying to load but nothing happens

We’ll sort out FF4 in a bit… but AFAIK there are no pages that require FF4 yet.

On both netbooks, can you start FF3, go to Tools>Addons>Plugins and look for anything listed as Shockwave flash

and let me know what they are… if they are different, let me know which one is the working one.

Also look our for Gnash, and let me know if that exists in plugins.

on the netbook we are working on (the one certain games dont work on), it say shockwave flash 9.0 r124, and on the other one which everything works on, it says shockwave flash 10.0 r32

there’s the problem then :slight_smile:

brb… typing up solution.