acer aspire one wireless not connecting

hi can anyone help my sons acer aspire one netbook shows no wireless network it also shows it as being connected to the power outlet even though it is not , it also shows no sound and when you hit the icon a box opens saying no volume control GStreamer plugins and/or devices found . Can anyone help me

You might want to read this thread:

Personally I’d back up ALL files that start with “mtab” first, so you can replace them if necessary…

So open a terminal, and enter:

cd /etc

and hit enter, then

sudo tar -cvzf mtab-lock-backup.tar.gz mtab*

and hit enter.

Now delete it/them with:

sudo rm /ect/mtab~*

and hit enter.

Be SURE to enter the commands EXACTLY as shown.

Now reboot, and let me know what happens.

thankyou for your response , i tried last night opening a terminal (fine) but would not let me type any commands. This morning switched netbook on and everything was back to normal and working fine! So thanks for your help.

Another case of the IT gods playing practical jokes… anyway, glad it sorted itself out. If you couldn’t enter commands, you were going to have to create a LiveUSB… boot to it… then use it to remove the file(s) :slight_smile: