acer aspire one

when my sons computer boots up it says could not initialise Hal . i have no internet connection wired or wireless and no sound
please help

More details on the error would greatly help us, to assist you with the correct help.

When did this problem start?

What error messages do you get?

Any peculiar happen at the same time?

The only thing I can suggest is trying these instructions:

I would also STRONGLY suggest that you add an instruction between step 5 and step 6 to backup the mtab files before deletion.

And slightly modify step 6 (from mta* to mtab*)

So steps 5 through 7 read -

  1. After the # sign which has now appeared type cd /etc and press enter

5a) Now type:

tar -cvzf backup-mtab-files.tar.gz mtab*

and press enter.

  1. Now type:
rm mtab*

and press enter

  1. You will now be asked repeatedly if you want to remove a file - type y and enter
    until the question is no longer asked.

I’d also STRONGLY suggest you have a working Ubuntu LiveUSB already prepared BEFORE doing the above … so you can replace those files from the backup if necessary … if you need instructions on how to create an Ubuntu LiveUSB, just ask.

It may also be worth remembering the last time you had an mtab lockfile issue, it corrected itself after a few boots … see here: