Acer one atom

Hi my friend is using an acer one atom and it wont connect to her sky broadband, The other laptop in her house connects fine and the laptop has connected in two other houses via wifi, but in her own house I put the wep-key in and it starts to try to connect and then just says disconnecting from network, I put an Ethernet into the laptop and router and it works fine but I cant understand how it connects to the same broadband (sky) in my home but not hers? I’m totally baffled, any help would be greatly appreciated.



as far as I’m aware Sky broadband routers use WPA2 encryption (by default) not WEP, are you sure you’re entering the correct settings.

Things to check:

  1. will it connect if you turn wireless security (WEP/WPA) off in the router.
  2. is MAC address filtering disabled in the router.
  3. is DHCP enabled in the router.
  4. is the laptop set-up to get its IP address from a DHCP server (ie. not assigned a static IP)
  5. what happens if you delete all wireless profiles from the network manager, and try setting up a profile for JUST her network.


Thank you for the reply, I will check these settings. Thank you again.