Adding Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 to WINE?

Is there a way I can install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 in WINE? I need it for a program (which I know runs in WINE) for it to be able to work. It’s not urgent, but “the sooner the better” as the saying goes.

-BkS. ::slight_smile:

Use winetricks to install it:

cd ~




bash /home/bally/winetricks dotnet35

Be aware it will 2.0, then .net 3.0 first.

Or if winetricks is already installed… fire it up, then select -

Select the default wine prefix

Click OK

select -

Install a Windows DLL or component

Click OK

Tick dotnet35

Click OK


Apparently it warns that .net 3.5 can’t be installed in wine yet… even .net 3.0 fails on my machine :frowning:

WineHQ also lists .net 3.5 support as “garbage”

That sucks badly :frowning: I really wanting to use this program.