Alternatives to Android ...

Just looks really interesting;

Don’t suppose anyone has one of these / can tell us what they’re like ??

Well Sailfish is Nixie Pixel’s favourite of the MobileOS’s she’s tested … for whatever that’s worth. :slight_smile:

And one other thing Sailfish has going for it … It’s not made in the US, so not subject to having to answer to the NSA.

Mmm, I’ll refrain from commenting on Nixie because whatever I say will sound chauvinistic … or I could just say that it would be nice if more women were into IT like Nixie, but even that would sound condescending … :wink:

Based on what’s going on at the moment, not made in the US is a HUGE selling point IMHO.

Just watching the news this morning and the Assad is using chemical weapons again against his own people.

  • the ONE thing that might get the west involved and fighting against him, and he’s doing it, again!

Now I know it’s not just me after seeing the Russian and Chinese response, but …
Dear Mr President (and Williams Hague), Assad ‘may’ be a bad man, BUT HE’S NOT STUPID!

We know the ‘rebel’ fighters have some chemical weapons too, albeit in small quantities, so, realistically, who do we think is doing this??

What’s really confusing me; is this a political ploy by western governments to get a little target practice, in which case, do they really think we’re all stupid enough to buy this crap, or are they really so stupid that they believe their own propaganda! (let’s remember they’ve said definitively who’s to blame even before the weapons inspectors have been allowed near the site!)

Arhrhrhrh. Governments. They should all be abolished!

It could be just what it seems, or a double bluff, or maybe a triple bluff, or possibly quadru… Oh sod it, bomb them.

Yay …
Team America World Police
<— sarcasm in case you missed it

Ohhh, you had be going for a second … I read the first line and thought; “bloody hell, Mark’s a Yank!” … :wink:

I know there really are some very intelligent Americans out there … they’re just quieter and better at hiding than Bin Laden.

  • all we seem to see is McCain saying “Bomb them”, Obama (world greatest sell-out!) saying “They’re doing bad things so we’re considering our options”, and Ballmer dancing around like an idiot. (do I mean “like” ??)

And of course the great Eric doing the rounds with “we pay as much tax as HMRC tell us to, if the rules change, of course we’ll pay what’s due” … Ok Eric, and when the rules say you need to pay the back-tax you owe over the last 10 years - you gonna pay without a fuss?? “Do no Evil”, sure, but on the basis that it’s only Evil if you get caught and if you pay your lawyers enough, you can pretty much never get caught.

Arrgrgrg. Governments and big companies, should all be abolished.
No wait, hang on, Governments and big companies, should the “and” not be a “/” , do we need to distinguish … ??

Well I could have put the word “sarcasm” in bold, but as you can see by the cheerleaders I’m all for subtlety :wink:

Mmm, I’m thinking that maybe the Uk could just “but out” and focus on more local problems … like our National debt actually being in a worse situation than the Greeks, our NHS falling apart, ludicrous numbers of immigrants arriving with nowhere to live, record numbers of homeless people, record numbers of people in Prison, the prospect of the government not being able to make pension payments, record levels of unemployment that are currently being hidden by raising the school leaving age and persuading ‘everyone’ to go to Uni.

Then of course we have the power problem, we’re due to decommission around half of our traditional power producing capacity in the next 5 years and have nothing in place to replace it … and even if they started now, they couldn’t build replacement capacity in the time frame … which is one of the reasons they’re frantically trying to persuade us to use less leccy and are allowing the power companies to gradually put the cost per unit up thus forcing us to use less power. (this happened in California in the 90’s, so we’d better get used to the term “brown out” too …)

Alternative we could just make it a capital offense to start a war under false pretenses.

  • that would at least persuade Hague to shut his cake hole until the weapons inspectors confirm that the available film footage is actually evidence of “someone” using chemical weapons … hey … we could call it “Blair’s law” … :wink:

We should butt out FULL STOP … unless there’s a clear, present, and immediate threat to ourselves.

How do all these things become “our” fight ? ← rhetorical question, I do know how … politicians trying to cement their place in history at everyone else’s expense.

Mmm, if that were the driving force behind their decision making, I suspect we might be a little happier with some of their choices. To an extent, how they’re remembered bears a relationship to how they’re thought of at the time.

I rather think that the “why” is a little more material … cost of oil, perception of power and influence etc.

  • or maybe they just meddle because they “can”.

You never see them talking about intervention in Pakistan for example … I wonder why, they have lots of terrorism and other issues … indeed that’s where old BL was hiding out. Could it be because they have nukes? Maybe more countries should have nukes … :wink:

Damn! I forgot about PRISM!

Ok …

Dear Mr FBI;

Just kidding honest!

ps. I had eggs for breakfast.

“In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he started work on politicians.”

It isn’t just the FBI/NSA … from what I gather GCHQ have been up to the same thing only without the “don’t spy on your own citizens” (worthless) rule attached.

Mmm, I heard that and I’m sure it’s true - they won’t be reading this for example because they’re only allowed to look at correspondence between foreigners … so they’ll check our passports before looking at the forums or intercepting our email … no … wait … we don’t have an agreement with the spooks so our mail is safe … :slight_smile:

I have a new business idea - private email that spooks can’t read !! Anyone else want a email address ?! :wink:

What really made me fall about was their explanation; we don’t actually open the email content, we just look at the headers, and we only open the content if we can see from the headers it’s to or from a person of interest.

Emails are transmitted as “blobs” or “objects”. A single text file if you will, with the separation between the header and text being 1 blank like.
Do they think the world it stupid, or that just their level of technical expertise?

Essentially; “we promise not to look at or read anything below the blank line”.
Really Mr NSA/FBI/GCHQ. Really ?!

OK, here’s what I’ve read …

The NSA were told “DO NOT” intercept homeland communications as it’s “unconstitutional” (illegal) to spy on our own citizens, but after a while the NSA admitted to the tech not being good enough to guarantee that … so their remit was extended to say “OK, if you accidentally trap US citizens communications you must discard them without reading them (and this is the funny bit) unless there is clear evidence of illegal activity contained in them” … how the f**k would they know that without reading them.

GCHQ were never under the same “don’t spy on UK citizens” rule in the first place, and are allowed to read ANY communications crossing our international connections … which because of the way the web works will include nearly ALL national traffic too.

GCHQ have been working with and funded by the NSA to do international intercepts and report back to them … GCHQ have been doing it in a bigger way, and for longer than the NSA … and not even having to “appear” to not spy on their own citizens.

We are world leaders at self surveillance … look at the amount of cameras, etc. … the UK government doesn’t even attempt to hide the fact they spy on us at will, and perfectly legally.

We may be dumb asses when it comes to following the US lead to war these days, but they follow our lead when it comes to spying on their own people (or any kind of electronic intercepts, or even spying full stop).

Mmm, I’m thinking private networks could be the next big thing, i.e. your own encrypted organisational network running on top of the physical Internet … and of course your own servers … none of this GMail business where Uncle Sam etc essentially have your password.

I am a little surprised that Google didn’t see this issue coming when they put SO much resource into developing GMail and their online application suite. If the govt has full access to everything online, how much stuff do you “really” want leaving your office?

I guess the problem is that security is just way beyond your average user … which is worrying for security in general and I would have thought even more worrying for them (!)

“tinc” would be ideal for this, it’s essentially a p2p VPN product. (OS of course)
Works very well, completely transparent when configured … and should scale to '000’s of nodes …

The NSA are keeping anything encrypted for 5 years in the hope that it becomes decryptable … if it isn’t already, and that’s just a smoke screen to put people off stronger encryption)

Nobody knows exactly what GCHQ are doing … knowing our government, probably handing anything encrypted to the NSA for storage.

This whole damn thing is getting bloody ridiculous … even your average fekbooker would be up in arms if the government were opening all their snailmail and (knowingly) listening to their phone calls.

Orwells 1984 it seems not only got the date, and method wrong, but SERIOUSLY underestimated the scope.

I have been on my ‘Soap Box’ for years about this. I don’t care what google say they have basically become a spying arm of the CIA. OK so it’s all well and good when terrorism or Paedophiles are concerned but the bigger issue is commerce and industrial espionage. Every big nation is at it. China being one of the worst. I bet Baidu was created to try and stop Google (sorry the CIA) getting commercial information.

So as for Andriod. It is a very useful operating system (Linux) that has been abused and corrupted to fuel commercial info for Google. It is a (IMHO) unstable and insecure operating system that has opened the door for nasties to invade which is the opposite to what Linux is. Although not a great fan of Mark Shuttleworth (Don’t ban me for mentioning his name) :wink: I want his Ubuntu mobile to take off…seems dead in it’s tracks already though. Still…might give this a go.

Not really mobile but it’s interesting.

Note to CIA, MI5,MI6, Google and GCHQ, this is a personal opinion please do not intimidate people on this forum or my friends. :wink:

Mmm …

Dear iMac / Windows laptop owner , or anyone with a commercial OS and a machine with a built-in webcam;

Did you know the camera could be turned on remotely without your knowledge?

And you know that little green LED that lets you know you’re “safe” because when it’s not lit the camera is “off” … well …

(Reasons to build your own machine and put Linux on it)++

Hi Mad Penguin.

Had a look at your Sailfish link. Downloaded 64 bit Linux but it will not execute. Any ideas?
Peppermint 4, 64 bit,8gig ram.


Downloaded 64 bit Linux but it will not execute. Any ideas?

Did you set the executable permission?

Get the toolkit

Download the 32 bit or 64 bit Linux installer. Set executable
permissions and run it.

Done that Sezo.

It doesn’t have the normal permissions tick box just who is allowed to access it.