Always Keep The Faith

I wouldn’t consider myself a Linux expert or guru by any stretch of the imagination but I would consider myself fairly knowledgeable, certainly knowledgeable enough to use a Linux system productively and deal with any minor issues I come across without screaming for help at the slightest hiccup,
For the past 6 months or so I’ve been running Kubuntu which I loved, KDE has come a long way so much so that I began to consider myself a “KDE Guy” but recently maybe the last 3 months or so I became aware of random weird behaviour, the sort of behaviour that’s hard to put your finger on it wasn’t obvious or anything I could replicate just a feeling that something wasn’t right, Bluetooth would drop out randomly, mouse would stop working, longer boot time and on it went,
I often thought of posting on this site for help but I knew I couldn’t define the problem and if I couldn’t define the problem how can anyone help me,
I can’t think of a time I was ever so down on Linux.
Eventually video playback became a lottery, easily 50% of the time I tried to play video resulted in a total crash, and after trying various different video players and installing Mint Cinnamon fruitlessly I came to the conclusion this was a hardware problem and my conclusion turned to be correct, one day my PC crashed completely during video playback and refused boot, removing the AMD Radeon card sorted the problem and not only restored my computer, restored my faith in Linux.
Now my PC is running like a Linux computer as smooth as silk and my faith restored
So what’s the point of this post, well I’ve been a Linux user since 2010 and still after all these years when something went wrong (as happens to all computer users) I found myself blaming Linux in the same way a recent Windows convert would at the slightest issue they might have with linux and although nothing would ever turn me back to Windows I did begin to doubt so the moral of the story is Keep the Faith


I know exactly what you mean :wink:

Feel free to post next time, indeterminate seemingly random errors are nearly always hardware, although my money would probably have started on your storage rather than graphics … :wink:

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