Amazingly realistic "Digital Ira" 3D CGI head rendering - check out the video.

Here’s a 12 minute presentation by Nvidia’s CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang … look for “Digital Ira” at approx 8:40 … and prepare to be amazed.

How long till hollywood no longer needs to pay Actors millions ?

Freaky, huh ?

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Here’s another clip from the same CEO fast forward to 9:45 and see what OS he’s using to demonstrate this latest technology

“nvidia f@@k you”

Tegra is ARM … considering WinRT sucks and has no market share, 90%+ of Tegras are liable to end up running Android, so doing development in Linux makes sense.

Why Ubuntu … because it’s ARM port is out there, well known, and well supported both technically and with software.

I suppose the same could pretty much be said for Debian … but Debian have a tight NO proprietary software policy, so are probably less amenable to working with someone like NVidia.