American Megatrends BIOS

Hi guys
I am trying to install ubuntu on my laptop.Every time I get the bios up,it oly lasts for 10 seconds.This is a bios I have never used.I have the ubuntu on a live cd so I can keep my downloads in check.
Help please

I don’t understand the question… or rather I can’t see a question?

Linux has nothing to do with the BIOS… the BIOS just initializes the hardware BEFORE handing control to the Linux or Windows bootloader.

As soon as you turn yoour PC on, keep hitting the “DEL” key (delete key), until you enter the BIOS

Sometimes it is a different key, but the system normally displays a message telling you which key to press to enter the “BIOS” or “Settings” as soon as your PC is turned on.

What exactly is the problem?
What are you trying to achieve?

I didnt put it very well but I am trying to install UBUNTU live disk on my computer,but the bios wont stay on long enough for me to change the boot order.What can I do to get the bios to stay on long enough to change the boot order? If there isnt a solution,then Im stuck with no UBUNTU.

Are you saying you get kicked out of the BIOS after 10secs or the POST (power on self test) screen only displays for 10secs, before booting to your hard drive?

Can you get into the BIOS settings screens at all?

Have you tried repeatedly hitting the delete key during POST screen?

Have you also tried repeatedly hitting the F1 through F12 keys whilst the the BIOS is displaying the POST screen?

If the BIOS doesn’t respond to the keyboard at all… try using a PS2 keyboard rather than a USB one.