Anbox installation

hi folks
i want to install anbox. i have used the terminal and input all the codes. it all went ok i think, but there is nothing on my desktop. have i misunderstood what abox is…


Hi chaza, welcome to the forums.

My understanding is that it should install a launcher in your menu system … can you tell us which linux distribution (and version) you are using?

hi mad,
im using linux mint 21

thanks for that.
im new to linux so im finding my feet around it. ive found the icon you mentions thanks…
im sure ill have some more questions.

take care

what exactly is this anbox supposed to do, ive opened the program but all i get is an andriod page with no options menu. what am i supposed to do with it…


Hi, well, I’ve not used it, but from what I can see it’s a way to run Android apps on Linux. I’m not sure what comes “with” anbox (maybe nothing?) but I think the idea is that you can install Android apps you want to run.

If you acquire an android application as a package, I think they are normally supplied as “.apk” files. Once you have something you want in this format, from the terminal shell you should be able to do;

adb install xyz.apk

(where xyz.apk is the name of your app installation file)

I must stress that I’ve not tried this, although it does look like an interesting project. It seems to be relatively new in terms of documentation etc, unless you had a specific need to run one or more particular Android apps, this might not be the best starter project if you’re new to Linux :wink:

hi mad
would i be right in saying its a bit like play store where you can get various programs you want

Erm, yes, albeit it’s not as mature at the Play Store so the method of adding and removing applications isn’t as smooth, well, at least apparently not yet.

Note that Play store is essentially “just” a catalogue / installer, as I understand it anbox does a lot more in terms of emulating an Android machine within a container. i.e. I think it runs the Android OS within a container, so maybe a little more like a virtual machine emulator than just a catalogue :slight_smile:

what should i do to get the best out of thin anbox…


Ok, so two things;

  • What is a “thin anbox”
  • Maybe you’re looking at this the wrong way. It’s not “what you can get out of a computer?”, it’s more a case of “what is it you want to do?” …

It feels a little like you’re suffering from what I refer to as “hammer syndrome”.

If all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. If you have no problems, then hammer then becomes the problem.

What is it you’re trying to do? It may be that anbox isn’t even what you really need?

the word should be ,this, its more a case of understanding what it is. as you have said its like play store, does that mean when i want to download an app, this anbox kicks in and allows it to operate.
would that be a fair assessment.

Ok, to re-phrase, there are hundreds of thousands of software packages out there for Linux. Why (specifically) are you looking at this one? There is nothing wrong with looking at this one, but understanding why you are looking at it might help clarify some of your questions? Like, you seem to have come up with the term “thin anbox”, I’m afraid I don’t know what this is and as far as I can see, neither does google? So, where does it come from, and why do you want to get the best from it?

as im new to linux im not aware of the thousands you talk about. i stumbled across this one, and if it does what i want, i.e allow downloaded software like play store does then thats all i need.
my enquiry was experienced based by those who have knowledge of it. there is nothing sinister, i just want info so im happy that anbox will do the job.


you have misundertsood… i meant to write , this anbox, NOT thin.

Ok, so this is the thing. Now you have explained the problem you want to solve, i.e. to install software, it’s possible to advise you that “anbox” is not the (an)droid that you’re looking for (!) [if you’ll pardon the compound star wars pun]

So there is lots of software available that is “native” to linux which can be installed directly via Mint’s software catalogue. If you have a look in the menus for “Software Manager” or similar, this should give you what you’re looking for.

“anbox” is for running “Android” apps (rather than Linux apps) on Linux. Whereas these may work, it’s not going to be a “linux experience” and you may run up against problems frequently with things not working properly, well or at all. As far as I can see it’s really not a solution for new users (!)

It’s always worth reading back your post before or before and after posting, just to make sure you’ve said what you mean to say. This will help you get a better / speedier answer! :slight_smile:

“you have misundertsood… i meant to write , this anbox, NOT thin”

Unfortunately my crystal ball in in the shop so … :wink:

thanks for all that, i have looked in the software manager, but not knowing much about them, i need someone to tell me that this one is good , or that one is not so good. but i take your point about anbox.
ill go back to the software manager and have another think.
thanks again
may the force be with you !!!

Ok, typically each distribution has it’s own software catalogue / source of standard software. On MINT I think it’s called “software manager”. This is what the standard “Debian (Gnome)” catalogue looks like, it’s in the menus simply listed as “Software”.

hi mad
yes your right thats my software manager. i went through it last night. while there are many programs, but like i said none that i can choose from as i dont know which ones are for the application i want.
just to recap, hypothetically, i want to download some stuff like ebay , or microsoft edge , i cant use play store, so which program in my software manage will allow me to do such an operation.

thanks you have been great.

Ok, so, ebay is accessed via a browser, there is nothing to download. Just point your browser at

Microsoft edge, you maybe don’t want that on a Linux box. You will find there is a browser called “Firefox” which will likely already be installed. Personally I’m not a fan, but you will find in the software manager a program called “Chromium”. This is a friendly version of “Google Chrome”, which is probably what you’re looking for.

Bear in mind the software you seem to be used to runs on “other” operating systems. If you really want to use this software, you will probably be better off using these other operating systems. (Windows, Android etc) Linux comes with alternatives, which are often better, so if you’re going to be using Linux, probably get used to the idea of using “Linux alternatives” rather than trying to get software to from other operating systems to run. (which you can do, but they’ll often be like a fish out of water)

Note; There is a “native” version of Microsoft Edge for Linux if you prefer this solution to the Google option, you can get it here;

The issue is that installation isn’t automatic. Once you download the “.deb” file, you will need to install it which you can do via the desktop, or on the command line in a terminal session via;

cd Downloads
apt install ./(installation_file.deb)

Where (installation_file.deb) is the path name of the file you downloaded, so probably;

thanks mad
ive been working my way though linux, ive managed to get my facebook and messenger, and on or two others… im getting there…
thanks for all your tutelage.
ill leave you to get on with your day…