Android security and software to wipe a phone . . . .

Hi Folks,

Don’t know if anyone came across this recently on TV, although they mention the software to view and wipe the information held on a phone is free, which would suggest open source, they don’t mention what it is or a name/brand. I’d like to know what’s out there for future use if I come to sell my phone after seeing how easy they appeared to siphon the info off!

I’m a bit surprised at android being so vulnerable being based on the linux kernel but not that surprised that google left it apparently wide open :expressionless: With the increasing amount of things I seem to use my phone for now, it’s a bit concerning to think you may be leaving yourself wide open selling a phone if you’re not sure it’s wiped properly, I assumed that’s what a factory reset did, but apparently not . . . . . .

There should be a factory reset option somewhere in settings

On my sons it’s under
Settings > Storage > Factory Data Reset

but it depends on the Android version exactly what it’s called and where in settings it is.

thanks for the link daveinuk,
surprised I missed this topic,
I always thought a full factory reset wiped the phone but apparently it doesn’t,
so will have to delve deeper because as you say, we do more and more things on our phones,
and these criminal types are very resourceful.

again thanks for the link


Well I did a factory reset on mine just last week as I had to return the phone to have a new micro-usb fitted so I got the got to root it while he was at it -
I’m hoping to find some good tutorials on things to do after rooting so maybe I can format & reinstall (flashing?) it before selling or giving away, I like the look of that cyanogenmod as an alternative but i’ll need to brush up first before I start getting carried away! Seems there’s already moves underway to address these issue in the mobile world, seems people like the idea of a secure OS on the phone that’s not just stock android, I was liking the look of the ubuntu phone’s but the touch is unlikely to happen now in reality. Either way, I think they have to go the way of the Linux OS where you can modify it and do what you want, and for me, if it’s not android I’m interested, I don’t really trust google (or MS), so if I can run on something else in the near future I will, I’ll keep my eyes on these kind if developments in the meantime . . . . . . . .

Ubuntu have just announced that there will be 2 phones available soon:

AAAH there’s that link I was looking for ::slight_smile: I read that last week and couldn’t remember where I’d seen it . . . . . .

I’ll be keeping an eye on that and the Tizen and Firefox builds and see what happens, nothing like healthy competition to really bring about some serious innovation :slight_smile: