Another one bites the dust...

isohunt to close down soon, according to the BBC

And this, from a Russian forum… (a dystopian vision)

2018 year, usual flat in Moscow.

  • Dad, may I charge 1000$ from your credit card?
    I need money to pay for the book.

  • What`s book?

  • “Crime and punishment” by Dostoevsky.

  • What for? We have this book.

  • Yeah? In which computer file?

  • Not in file. On bookshelf.

  • It’s a paper book?

  • So what? I readed this, then was same age as you.

  • I cant do text searching. I cant even change size of font.
    There is not animated images and soundtrack. Only pure text.
    Are you serious? My friends from school will ridicule me!

  • Okay. Then take this DVD. I bought this 15 years ago.

  • Its trash. I dont have any device to read this DVD.
    What`s next, punch cards?

  • If you such egghead, then download the book from the Internet for free.

  • Download a book for free !?

  • Yes, it is in public domain, because the author died many years ago.

  • Dad, are you crazy? Maybe in times of your youth was such thing as “public domain”, but not in nowdays.
    Now copyright on all books in “public domain” was transfered to American Association of Book Publishers in perpetuity.
    Do you want I was jailed as follower of Dmitry Sklyarov(United States v. Elcom Ltd. - Wikipedia) and sentenced
    to life imprisonment?

  • But Dostoevsky not American!

  • Nobody cares. Are you antiglobalist?

  • Of course not! Oh, miserable give 1000$ for just computer file. How about your friends from school? Maybe somebody let you make copy from own file?

  • Then I would not able to read this copy.

  • Why?

  • Because you can read a book only on the computer, from that you bought the book.
    Enough of stupid talks, give me bucks and I will buy the normal book.

  • Ok. In time of my youth it was a lot of money. Take one-time password to withdraw 1000$ from my account.

  • Thx. I downloaded the book.

  • Sonny, what`s this? “Modern laser-shaped axes”, "Crisis center “Porfiry”, “RASKOLNIKOFF.COM: Calling playful old women”.

  • Banner ad. Without banners the book cost 6999$. Only with special eyeglasses you will be able to read book. Without eyeglasses you will be see only ads. Every e-book linked to personal eyeglasses of owner of book. Only the owner can use the eyeglasses. It have built-in retina scanner. Any questions?

  • But why??

  • Just imagine how it would be unfair! I paid for this book a ton of bucks and anyone can read it for free, just looking over my shoulder!

  • Absurd!

  • Please stop. I have to read this book right now. After 3 hours the book will self-destruct.

** Three hours later **

  • Phew, I finished the book.

  • How, the entire “Crime and punishment” in just three hours?!

  • I could finish faster. But I was slowed down by frequent interruptions for advertising.

  • I don`t belive! Who is Sonia Marmeladova? Who is Luzhin?

  • How can I know? It is “Home Edition”. It says only about Raskolnikov. For all other characters you must buy “Professional Edition” or even “Enterprise Edition”. We don`t have so much money.

  • The world has gone mad!

That would be funny if it weren’t so scary :o

Government of the corporation, by the corporation, for the corporation … “people” haven’t had a lookin for quite some time.

First pirate bay now isohunt

well it was good while it lasted :frowning:

They’ll never defeat file sharing … whilst it’s digital, and you can send/receive data, it’ll just morph around any blocks they put up.

But there’s a simple solution … make it all available everywhere at the same time, including doing away with releasing in the cinema first … and at a reasonable price.

People will continue to pirate whilst they feel ripped off going down the “legit” route, and/or are being denied access due to some stupid release schedule … end of story.

Personally I don’t have a problem with anyone going down the not so legit route nor do I think they should feel any guilt about it, the whole entertainment industry is rotten to the core you just have to look at the Jimmy Saville affair to see the sort of people that industry attracts, I’m not saying all the people in that industry are like that but there’s definitely a much higher proportion to any other industry and just look at their lifestyles, especially the Hollywood mob, this isohunt thing is just another attempt by the entertainment industry to hang on to their over privileged lifestyles and self importance.

They’re no better in the UK I personally have been pestered by the Performing Rights Society for money to play the radio in my business premises (which I don’t ) for the past 6 years because I refuse to give them money and I refuse to fill in the pathetic forms they keep sending me, I’ve recieved umpteen phone calls from them and each time I’ve told them the same thing “if they want me to play their clients so called music on my radio in my premises I require them to pay me” and that’s how it should be

Rant over :slight_smile:


Couldn’t agree more :slight_smile:

And using my license fee to pat themselves on the back with award ceremonies doesn’t help their cause either. >:(

And using my license fee to pat themselves on the back with award ceremonies doesn't help their cause either.

Yeah I know and don’t they just love themselves

I can’t talk for anyone else but these award ceremonies make me want to throw up, honestly I can’t even watch them anymore


Come to think of it we could have a kinda award ceremony on here

nominations for

Most helpful poster
Most unhelpful poster
Most annoying poster
Most annoying Cornish poster
Most helpful Scottish poster
Best looking Scottish Poster
Scariest looking Cornish poster
Just plain scariest Cornish poster

just to mention a few

The skies the limit

waddyathink ? :slight_smile:

You mean like these …

We already have them … but don’t really use them :wink:

are you a magician, where the hell did you get them from so fast ? :slight_smile:

read the last line of my last posting … we ALREADY have the “Member Awards” plugin on this forum :wink:

and I created those awards :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s a good thing you don’t issue them anymore especially the last two

I’d probably get nominated :slight_smile:

Well I’ve been sat here for the last 10 minutes listening to the devil and saint on my shoulders :slight_smile:

Strange that companies now moan about piracy. I wonder where Windows and Photoshop would be now without the the ridiculously easy mass copying of them. Complicit or what?

Strange that companies now moan about piracy. I wonder where Windows and Photoshop would be now without the the ridiculously easy mass copying of them. Complicit or what?

How true is that, but the rules that apply to software doesn’t apply to media


It’s the difference between lending/copying your Photoshop disc for your mate and putting an iso online for “everyone”.
One is understandable and unless you and your neighbour know what you’re doing, his install will be nobbled as soon as he boots his computer (they all phone home these days - try blocking in your Windows firewall and then rebooting Windows - it won’t work online without a permanent connection to the mothership - it reports back all you install, both hardware and software and what you do and watch and listen to.

All the public access sites are both heavily monitored and likely to be closed down as they cannot justify their existence, even to the morally relaxed.

Were you aware that Netflix, and others, monitor the popularity of certain titles on the piracy sites as part of their decision-making for which titles to try to buy?

That would explain them tolerating Veetle and others.