Anybody tried Ubuntu 11.04 yet?

I’m interested in what your opinion is of the newest version.

I have realised that there are some posts on it, so…does anyone like it?

Tested the latest beta in a VM, and it was HUGELY unstable… I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt that it could have been an issue with the beta status AND the VM… as I’ve heard others are having issues with it in Virtualbox.

From what I’ve seen… NO, I don’t like it… but as I’ve said elsewhere, I’m willing to give it a shot and see if it grows on me… would be nice if I could do that in a VM though.

It seems to be VERY MUCH down to personal opinion, some people seem to think Unity is the best thing since sliced bread, where others HATE it with a vengeance… there appears to be little middle ground.

Most people are reporting it to be very buggy… but it IS a beta… so I’ll reserve judgement till final release… I must add though that from the look of the beta, they may have left themselves a lot of work to get it ready for the release date… but we’ll have to wait to see if they can pull it off.

Thanks Mark. I’ll take a look in 6 months ;D

Makes sense to me… :wink:

If Unity still sucks by then… I’ve read that Linux Mint 11 will be using GNOME 3.0, but with the traditional “Classic” desktop, NOT the Gnome shell. :slight_smile: … So effectively Ubuntu going with Unity, is just going to give you MORE choice… not to mention you don’t HAVE to use Unity in 11.04, you can easily switch back to a GNOME 2.xx desktop from the login screen, or set it as default.

11.10 on the other hand will NOT ship with the GNOME desktop installed by default… but that doesn’t mean you can’t install it yourself.

However… how screwed up the packages become with the advent of the “global menu”, and how well they will work in/adapt to a standard layout remains to be seen… this may also be a headache for Mint, and may mean more divergence from the Ubuntu repo’s… again we’ll have to wait and see.

amongst other places.


Excellent info, thanks.

I have, if by ‘use’ you mean ‘poking it with a long stick while crouched behind a rock in case it’s not dead.’ However, it’s been a couple months, I’ve got a couple updates in it—and I just did a search on “How do you use Terminal–?” which yielded something incredibly unrelated to using Terminal, but remarkably relevant to using Ubuntu 11.04.

This link:

seems to have a lot of stuff that is (potentially) useful. Still working on getting ‘Ninja Warz’ on facebook to work. . . .

I am using 11.4 on the traditional desktop. I got here via mint 10 and Peppermint as they did not work well on my desktop computer.

It seems a good replacement for Windows XP or other Windows users as it is the most Windows like version of Linux I have seen.

However, I am having rendering problems with my ATI video card that I hope to find an answer for but all in all seems OK to me.