Anyone use Knoppix?

Just tried it on a live disc seems very fast and loads of stuff comes with it.
7.3 from the Linux mag.
Installed easily to usb stick runs fine from there.
Any known issues with this as I’ve never come across it before?

I don’t use it (any more), but I’ve certainly heard of it and used to always have a Knoppix LiveCD handy for recovering stuff from dead Windows drives … Knoppix was one of the first LiveCD distros (I believe it was the first Debian based LiveCD distro), it’s been about for AGES, and has spawned many spin-off distros, probably the most famous of which would currently be Damn Small Linux (DSL) and Deepin.

Knoppix has always been known for its LiveCD stability and compatibility … so should be a good solid distro.

Pity it seems to have become slightly less well known of late … it was originally one of the BIG names in Linux. :wink:

Debian would be upstream of that, as can be seen in the full Linux family tree here:

Thanx I’ve played about with it and it seems pretty good … might install it on something just for learnings sake.

I’ve used it - like Mark, always have a Knoppix CD around, as it’s dead handy when a mate’s Windows PC goes south :wink:
It’ll boot on ANYTHING, as it’s got some really wizzy boot scripts and every kernel module under the sun. It means that it’s takes ages to boot, but you can be pretty sure you won’t have any trouble with graphics or wireless or anything like that.

I’ve never heard of installing it, I’m not even sure there is a installer? I guess you could do a frugal install like with Puppy, but I can’t really see the point? I mean, it’s great, but way slower than something like standard Debian. It’d be like installing BackTrack, or Tails, or SystemRescueCd ???