Anyone with experience with devolo-dlan-200mbps-powerline-adapter or similar?

Howdy people, just wondering if anyone has any experience with this product or they type of product

I’ve got a virgin superhub, upstairs, ethernet to the back of the desktop, range is patchy downstairs sometimes but usable on the laptop, out in the shed 50/60 feet from the back of the house it’s bobbins . . . . strangely my android gets a great signal though and using that as a hotspot is fine, but it’s chewing data up I have to pay for when I’m already paying for wifi. . . . . and streaming radio, well. . . . I’ve never seen one of these in the flesh, I’m guessing one goes upstairs with an ethernet cable plugged in the back of the router and it transfers the wifi over the electric cables to be repeated downstairs ? (why the second eth plug?)

The only reason I looked at this was it came up a few times when I searched with virgin superhub as part of my seach term, I’m not hung up on makes and open to suggestions . . . . Thank you :slight_smile:

I have not used them personally, but have talked with people whom had. You are right, there is a master plug which you connect to the router and the other is the slave which you connect to by ethernet or WiFi (it creates another hot-spot).
Things might have changed but in the case of the WiFi it will have a different SSID from your main rooter (not an extender). So if you move about with your lappy, it might be swinging between your router and the powerplug network.
I have considered in the past to use the wired type in combination with a network switch, so that I can connect multiple hard wired devices.

Thanks for the reply, It’d probably end up plugged in the back room to bounce the signal towards the shed better, I tend to spend more time in there in the warmer months so I like a bit of internet radio while I’m butchering some wood ???

Dave … I hope you haven’t bought them yet

This is NOT a wireless repeater/extender.

In fact they have nothing to do with wireless at all … basically these act just like a long ethernet cable using your house wiring in the middle.

If you’re trying to extend the wireless signal you’d need to plug a wireless access point into the other end … like this

Router ↔ ethernet cable ↔ devolo1 ← house electric wiring → devolo2 ↔ ethernet cable ↔ wireless access point

I think you’re after something more like these:

which would be set up like this:-

Router ↔ ethernet cable ↔ dlink1 ← house electric wiring → dlink2(wireless)

Thanks Mark I haven’t made any decisions at all, never do before I know what I need and I didn’t which is why I asked, thanks for clearing that up for me, I did think they were a repeater but I wouldn’t have just jumped in and bought them, I start looking weeks before I ever need something, gives my wallet time to get used to the idea ???


Well if you have any questions whilst your wallet waits for you to decide…

We had a similar need, and tried the Ethernet over power, which came “free” with our new BT hub. However, they didn’t work here, due to the nature of the wiring.

So, I bought some exterior grade cable (£30), and a kit of bits for terminating it (£8) off the bay, and laid it, outside to the “shed”. To add a bit of “robustness” to the cable,I put it inside some old plastic water pipe.

Job done, problem solved, and for very little money.

Another option would be to disable wireless on your Superhub (just use it as a modem) and get an wireless access point, like this NETGEAR WN604 Wireless-N150 Access Point and place it centrally to give you more even coverage throughout your house. You will also gain some control over your network in the process.

I second this, as Virgin’s Superhub is AWFUL. A seperate router is definately the way to go, both for reliability and range

Doesn’t this need to be plugged into the superhub via an ethernet cable ??
Why are the antennas so cra* that you need another piece of kit to make the bit you have better ? lol . . . . . … : |

Doesn't this need to be plugged into the superhub via an ethernet cable ??
Yes you would. If you cannot do that then you are better off with the powerline wireless adaptor.