Apertus AXIOM - Open Source Modular Camera

What do you make of this as a concept:
(it’s not a product yet … still at the prototype and crowdfunding stage)

Build the Camera with just the modules you want, and add to it later … and all with full access to the firmware source.


Looks interesting i saw a similar concept featured on the Linux Action Show where you build your own phone http://phonebloks.com/

could be the future

Yeah, we need to get back to modular design with replaceable/upgradeable modules or components … any other type is unnecessarily wasteful.

Not 100% convinced it would work in something as small as a phone yet though … but the concept is good, and certainly could be applied right now to slightly larger devices.

Mad Penguin previously mentioned a modular smartphone concept, but I think he was envisioning replaceable internal components, more like a desktop PC.
(which may work better for something the size of a phone)

With that phone you linked to I have a crazy image in my head of dropping the thing just as the bus you’re on gets to your bus stop … and having to spend half an hour looking under seats for all the modules :wink: