Are you an extremist?

This caught my eye yesterday.
If it is true then the NSA treats Linux Journal as an “extremist forum” and its readers get flagged for extra surveillance
More here. or here.

It seems to me anyone who values privacy, freedom and open standards is an extremist in the eyes of the NSA or any other creepy government organisation which by that definition would make this forum and all of us extremists

isn’t that wonderful :slight_smile:


My conclusion exactly.
One expert suggested that the NSA’s intention here was to separate the sheep from the goats – to split the entire population of the Internet into “people who have the technical know-how to be private” and “people who don’t” and then capture all the communications from the first group.
As pointed out here. Proud not to be in the sheep category. 8)

They’re more than welcome to categorise me however they like (they will anyway) … I don’t give a flying…

As there interception tech improves, more and more groups will get added to their list of “suspicious” until everyone’s on it … then it’s irrelevant what groups you are part of.

Just another Govt dept spending their budget to “find” risks (that don’t really exist), so they can ask for a bigger budget next time around … nothing new here, Hoover did the same sh*t with the FBI for years … same paranoid idiots creating their own prophecy, different 3 letter acronym ::slight_smile:

Having served 22 years in HM Armed Forces I would not like to be termed an extremist.

Its very nice to be free from Microsoft crap.

A very big thanks to all the the devs who have worked so hard on Peppermint 5 and other Linux distros.

A real community in every sense.

Jocklad. :slight_smile: