At Last a helpful forum!

Just wanted to say as a newcomer to the Forum I have had more genuine help and advice on here than many of the other forums put together. No so called self-made “experts” but solid information! Long may it continue!

Couldn’t agree more, I have posted on other forums and been made to feel a bit thick when I didn’t understand the, to me, highly technical responses, I never feel bothered about asking a question on here, and Mark has the patience of a saint, (Needs it to with posters like me!) :smiley:

:slight_smile: Thanks guy’s … there’s a clue to what we’re attempting to achieve in the forum logo :wink:

and I agree, there are some friendly helpful types around here … not just me

there are some friendly helpful types around here .. not just me

There are and not only Mark I think SeZo deserves a mention as well, I for one am deeply indebted to both of them


I think SeZo deserves a mention as well

And Zo Se all of us :slight_smile:

You’re sharp tonight Mark, you been on that JD again ? :slight_smile:

Nah … caught sommat off the kids that floored me for a couple of days … had a couple of bottles of wine last night, and feel a ton better today.

Dunno if it was the wine, or just a short lived “bug” that I caught … I was expecting it to last for weeks, like the last case of the flu did, so I’m feeling kinda “upbeat” today :slight_smile:

Hope you are feeling tip top now Mark! You are all Linux legends on here- I am always appreciative of your help.

This is a bit of a weird bug … I thought it was over, and it came back, but thankfully not as bad as before … it kinda comes in waves, with periods where I feel absolutely fine, then get all blocked up with a headache again … I’ve never had anything quite like it.

At least the worst seems over, and was mercifully short lived.

Thanks for the sentiment though :slight_smile:

Glad you are feeling better!