Atheros A900 Wifi Audio Receiver

Well you guys are my last hope of help before this goes in the bin!
I have one of the subject receiver to stream music from my PC to my amp over Airplay
It is really good for what I paid for it - £9.00 - but it has one major drawback
It looses its Wifi connection without fail every 7 days
I have seen an Indestructable on how to change the name but no luck with searches on how to either disable the DHCP or just to extend its licence or even just give it a static.
I am not a Linux guy but know my way around a command prompt so if there are any instructions anyone has I am pretty sure I could follow them.
The guy that changed the name used ‘putty’ to do it - but I am unsure of where to start with the network part of it

Here is the basic overview of it

Hostname WiFiAudio
Model Atheros A900
Version 1.0.2
Local Time Thu Apr 21 15:15:27 2016
Uptime 7h 37m 9s
Load Average 0.23, 0.11, 0.07

Here’s hoping :cry:

I forgot to add that to enable the WiFi you have to plug an ethernet cable into it - browse to the ip address for that - then find the ‘bridge’ config gui, find the router and then put the passkey into it.

Also stamped onto the bottom of the box is IP: and as you know that is outside of the ip range on a BT Homehub ( etc)

Are you using a Linux PC to try access the the A900 device or Windows ?

As the device

uses OpenWRT as the OS, the answers you’re looking for should be found on the OpenWRT site … such as how to change to a static IP
where you’ll see you need to access the
file, where you’ll find a config such as

config 'interface' 'wan'
        option 'proto' 'dhcp'
        option 'ifname' 'eth0.1'

which you’d need to set to something like

config 'interface' 'wan'
        option 'proto' 'static'
        option 'ipaddr' ''
        option 'netmask' ''
        option 'gateway' ''
        option 'ifname' 'eth0.1'

or similar.

Might help if you could just post the contents of
as it currently stands.

My main point though is that you should be googling for answers on how to configure OpenWRT :wink:

BTW, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Thanks for that - honestly spent hours going over google for an answer - using a standard Windows 10 pc but should be able to get into it with putty

No problem :slight_smile:

Still no luck with this thing - can get into it but will not let me edit with VI - ho hum - back to plugging it into the network every Sunday